My life as a woman, wife and mother.

The Lone Ranger

on July 5, 2013

Happy Friday morning! I got up today to head to Fitness Foundry. I’m messed up that today is Friday and not Monday, but I’ll take it!

I had a feeling that the turnout today would be light considering it’s the day after a holiday that involves staying up late to watch fireworks. It was Tom (the trainer), myself and Cris, except Cris can’t workout because of her back, so she was doing yoga. That means it was just little ol’ me this morning.

Warm up 800 m run
50 abmat – these didn’t hurt today since my tailbone is healing nicely.

4 rounds
… 1 minute at each station
KB Sumo High Pull – I used a 20# kettlebell
Box Jumps
KB Push Press – I used two 10# dumbells
Double Unders – I jumped rope with singles
KB goblet squat – 20# kettlebell

This was a tough workout, my heartrate was pretty high and I was feeling the push presses by the end. I’m sure I’ll have new bruises on my shoulders from hitting them with the dumbbell. I was a sweaty mess after, but I felt pretty good.
Today hubby has his drug test and physical for his new job. After that he’s heading to Madison to work and he’ll also be working Saturday.
We are taking Amelia to the vet this morning and then I have to mail a package for hubby. He sold some old car part on Ebay. I’m also checking hair again this morning. I took yesterday off from it since I only found 1 on each girl on Wednesday. There’s some talk today about going to the beach which it seems like it’ll be warm enough for that.
My home scale has me up to 150.8#. Not a number I like and the fact that I feel those extra 3# in my belly is really annoying. That only means I need to not indulge in the treats leftover from yesterday. 🙂 I’d love to blame the weight gain on muscle, but I truly know my diet hasn’t been so hot since last Friday. Here’s to better choices for today!

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