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I need to get my act together!

on July 11, 2013

 Good Thursday morning! It was tough to wake up this morning. I stayed up too late last night and I knew I would pay for it this morning! Thankfully there was a huge crowd at Fitness Foundry this morning to keep me going.

Warm up
3 laps
Burpee broad jump
 Bearwalk – we did this the other morning.

Skill- Pistols, 5 min – these are single legs squats, we used the rings to help us to get back up, 3 on each leg, 3 times

A- Push Press
5-5-5-3-3-3-2-2-2 – I initially used the 35# bar. Then added 10# of weight, then Tom made me add 20#, so in the end I was lifting 55#. I’ll lift heavier from the get go next time we do this.
On the min AHAP

B- Run 400M
Then 6 min AMRAP
10 Box Jump
10 KB  – I used the 20# KB and we raised it overhead, not just shoulder height.
Run 400M
Another 6 min AMRAP
Tom said that I was doing great and I do have a lot of strength. I told him I just need to push myself more to get out of being ‘comfortable’ with what I’m doing and he agreed!
So, on to getting my act together. Well, Wednesday’s typically are my free for all food day. I did so-so yesterday and it’s a NSV that I did track all of my food, even if it was not the greatest choices! The scale is not cooperating with me and I know most of it is my diet, some is strength training and muscles holding onto water and some could be from the BC Pills. So what is my plan? Well, for one I’m going to avoid the scale when I feel like it. I’m going to track my food and make some better choices. I’m also NOT letting next Wednesday be a free for all day. I know once I get one Wednesday under my belt it will be easier to keep on.
On Friday L leaves for a camping weekend with a friend. Saturday C is going to Noah’s Ark with her friend. Hubby and I were going to go hiking, but he bought a 2nd kayak yesterday so we are going to go do that instead. I’ve never gone before, but I don’t think it will be too hard to learn. 🙂 Now we just have to figure out where to go.
Today I work at the library again, just for 2 hours. I need to talk over my schedule with Dawn. Shannon (the boss) has me scheduled for times I’m working at Weight Watchers. I’m hoping I can just swap out some days and times with another co-worker. It’s something I want to get figured out today though.
I’ve been neglecting weeding my garden since the mosquitos are terrible! I’ve decided that tomorrow morning is the time to get out there. I don’t have to get the girls up and going for summer school so I can come home from working out and suit up to tackle the bugs & weeds!

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