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It’s a heat wave!

on July 17, 2013

 I knew this morning’s workout would be hot when it was already 74 degrees outside at 4am! Eak!

Hollow rocks
Good mornings
PVC OH Squats

Skill- L-Sit 10x Max Holds – We did 5x, I’m not yet able to do the L hold, but I can hold my body up with just my arms

A- Eccentric Weighted Push Ups – I had 10# on my back
4×8 Use partner

B- 8 min AMRAP
3 Ground to OH 115/85 – I used th 35# bar
10 WallBall – I used a 10# or 14# ball
rest 2 minute
rest 1 minute
It was tough, my shoulders are super sore! Like so sore it’s hard to wash my hair or even turn the steering wheel! Here’s to building some muscle. LOL
Today I work at Weight Watchers and we may or may not go to the beach after summer school. I thought about going yesterday, but L fell asleep on the couch around 1pm and was still sleeping at 3:30pm when I got home from dropping off the girls. They did go kayaking with their dad last night, I stayed home, it was way too hot for me to go. Call me a wimp, but I was tired out.
Not much else is happening around here. Hubby is still working at his masonry job. He has yet to hear from his ‘new’ job. I have a feeling they don’t want him because he had broken his elbow many years ago. If he doesn’t hear by the end of the week he’s going to give her a call.
I’m still working at Weight Watchers and the library. Next week my library hours will pickup a bit, four 4 hour shifts are scheduled. There are many changes going on at the library. They are finishing up with building the children’s library and are moving the books into it. That means soon the regular library will be closed for 2 weeks so they can renovate that. It means working around many obstacles and it isn’t the ideal environment to learn a new job. We are all adapting though.
Enjoy your day and stay cool!

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