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Climbing around!

on July 18, 2013

 Happy Thursday! So, how’s I do eating-wise yesterday? Eh, so-so I guess. I did track everything I ate, but I still ate way too much. Whatever. On to today’s workout. I saw last night that we were rope climbing today. I brought a long sock in preparation. No more rope rash for me!

Warm up
3 Laps
High knee
InchwormSkill- Cartwheels, try getting consecutive rotations – I actually accomplished 6 cartwheels! Woohoo!

A- Farmer Carry – I carried 100# of weight, plus the weight of the bars, so around 130#, down and back, 3 or 4 times
10 min AHAP
B- 6 Rounds
Rope Climb – I got 1/2 way up once! I kept trying and someday I’m going to get it!
6 Push Press – I used the 35# bar only
Rope Climb
15 Air Squat Jumps

Today’s workout was tough, challenging and HOT! I was drenched when I got home. I took some photos of my sweatiness and my sore hand.
sweaty mess
My hands are sore from gripping the barbells and climbing the rope. My blister already popped at the gym, so now I just have raw exposed skin on my thumb. Excellent.
I meet a friend for a walk on the levee soon. That means I’ll be taking shower #2 when I get back. It’s already 80 degrees outside and pretty darn humid too. I pickup kids at 11am and I work Weight Watchers tonight. My weight at home has been pretty consistent. Either 152.2# or 152.4# every morning. It almost makes me think my scale is broken since there hasn’t been much flucuation. Whatever. I know I’m getting stronger so there is always that. 😛

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