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I know why it’s called a tough Tuesday!

on July 23, 2013

Good morning. I so wanted to sleep in and skip CrossFit this morning, but we all know I didn’t do that! 😛

Monday PM/ Tuesday morning

Warm up
3 laps
Burpee broad jumps
Crabwalk back
arm/leg swings

Skill- Handstand – today these were tough after yesterday’s workout. I did 2 regular ones and then I switched to the reverse handstand and tried holding my body longer in that position.

A- Deadlift
10-8-6-4-2-1-(2+)(4+)(6+)(8+)(10+) – This was done with a partner, we started with 55# and went up to a maximum of 125# for the lower reps.

B. 21-15-9
Clean 135/95 – I used 55# for this, Tom says next time I have to go up in weight
Toes-to-bar/Rings – I could only tuck my knees into my stomach on this one.
Hill Sprint

My finish time was 9:06 so I ran two more hills with others who needed to finish up. I was hoping to motivate them along to push themselves to finish.

So now my hands are sore and beaten from all the lifting today. I ‘should’ be getting my period today too since I’m on my placebo pills. I thought I felt a twinge of a uterine cramp this morning. Who knows what’ll happen.


Yesterday I worked at the library from 1-5pm. It was decided that we needed to close the library starting today. It’s just not safe for people to be in there while so much construction is happening. When I work today we’ll be working on getting the children’s library ready to open up on Monday morning. We made a lot of progress yesterday, but there is a lot of things to move still. Thankfully there will be a lot of people working on it today since we won’t be dealing with patrons. I hope we get a lot accomplished. Yesterday I shelved books for a while and then was on the phone calling people who have items on hold to let them know we are closing up earlier than planned.  I hope to be a bit more ‘active’ today at work.


The kids have 3 days left of summer school and I hope that they aren’t too bored for the month of August. We’ll have to see what activities we can get planned once I find out my work schedule. I’m hoping she’ll get that figured out at some point today or tomorrow.


I have a ton of laundry to get done this morning and I have a bit of grocery shopping to do before I pick up the kids at 11am. I should also tackle C’s bedroom a bit and toss some things, but we’ll see how my morning goes!

Enjoy your day!


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