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Oh, my aching back!

on July 24, 2013
This morning I woke up with my lower back muscles screaming at me! Those deadlifts yesterday took it’s toll on this old body. This morning’s workout was no joke either.
Tuesday evening/ Wednesday morning
Warm Up
800M Jog
Shoulder Mob – PVC pipe to stretch out… Skill- Handstand hold on wall, shifting weight hand to hand – Yeah, I did 3 regular handstands, holding for as long as I could stand itWorkout
A- Push Press
10-8-6-4-2-1-(2+)(4+)(6+)(8+)(10+) – Started with 35# bar, ended up at 65#
B- 10 Min AMRAP
5 Front squat 95/65 – I used the 35# bar
15 DU’s – 45 single jump ropes
rest 2 min
8 Minute AMRAP
3 Front squat – I used the 35# bar again
25 AbMat

I completed 11 rounds of the first workout and then 4 of the last workout. I was almost done with 5, but I was short a couple of abmats, and I was pushing for it too!

Yesterday at the library was busy…more on that later….gotta run…


Okay, I’m back from errands and household tasks! Those never seem to end. The library is slowly coming together. Everything is in such a state of chaos it’s hard to believe that everything will be up and running on Monday. Time will tell I guess. 😛

So, this week is my placebo pills. As expected my weight has been going down since Sunday. Stupid hormones. Yeah, so far no period either. Humm…the cramps are lingering around here and there though.

I’m hoping to go kayaking tonight after supper if hubby isn’t too tired from work. L and I plan to load them up on the trailer this afternoon so all he has to do is strap them down and we can go.

Friday night I’m getting together with some girlfriends for a bit of a chat session. I’m looking forward to that. I’m also looking forward to our picnic on Saturday. It looks like beautiful weather!

I have no other news to report. I’m just keeping on!


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