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First day of work!

on July 29, 2013

 Good morning! It seems like it will be a warmer day today. I slept good last night and woke up to my alarm clock. Here’s the workout I did today.

Monday morning
Warm up
3 laps
Burpee broad jump
Crab walk back
… Then
Arm/ leg swings

Skill-Handstand  – Today I did these pretty well. It still hurts my wrist.

A- 8 rounds
8 wallball – 10# ball
8 Pull up – jump from the box
Run 200m with sandbag – I’m unsure of the weight, but some were heavier than the others.
(From garage door to 317 Edgewater and back) – total time was 19:17

Then Push up to failure. Groups of 3-4 for 10min – We did this in a circle, one person doing pushups while the rest held plank. It was tough and I had to come out of it a lot.

My home scale said 149.8# this morning, but I started the pills again last night, so that will change.
I’m taking my friend’s daughter to VBS three mornings this week. Surprisingly my girls woke up at 7am. I thought they’d sleep in a bit longer since they have nothing planned for today.
I work at the library today from 1-5. It’s technically my first day of work on my own. The children’s library is the only section open and I have a feeling it will be pretty busy with kids turning in their reading slips and wanting to check out the new area. Tomorrow afternoon when I work is the Free movie for the kids, so it’ll be quiet during that time period anyway. Wednesday night when I work is the teen closing party. Thursday I work during the morning, so it’ll work out for me to take my kids to the closing party in the afternoon.
No other news from me, enjoy your day!

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