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Good evening.

Yeah, it’s 8pm, almost my bedtime, but I thought I’d get my blog updated today.

I got up around 5am or so and hit the basement for my morning workout. I did a total of 30 minutes on the elliptical and then a 16 minute program on the treadmill. The workouts this week at Fitness Foundry have kicked my butt, or more literally my arms! My biceps are sore, but my forearms are on FIRE! Wow, I’ve never experienced muscle soreness like this before. I even have lat pain, upper shoulders and arm pit pain! I’m hoping it lessens a bit by tomorrow since we’d like to go kayaking.

I worked today from 8:45-2pm at the library. It as fairly slow so I was able to get a lot of housekeeping type items done. We had a large box of cut-outs to organize and I got that all done. I washed some books and even started to organize all of our stickers that we give out to the kids.

Supper was pretty easy, I had a pork loin in the crockpot and it was super tender by suppertime. I then just got out all of the leftovers in the fridge and let everyone decide what they were going to eat. We have a much cleaner fridge now.

Tomorrow morning we are going to the $4 movie, Despicable Me 2. Hubby took the girls this morning to see Monsters University. If the storms hold off we are going to go kayaking somewhere nearby in the afternoon.

That’s it from me, good night!


PS. I was going to update on my goals for August since the month is over.

  • I did NOT have one bite of cereal in 31 day! Woo hoo!
  • I did okay on diet soda consumption
  • I tracked all my food and did not binge once!
  • I did eat more veggies, but still ate a lot of fruit

That leaves me to my goals for September

  • No cereal (I’m keeping this one)
  • Track all my food (I’m keeping this one)
  • Work on night time snacking! This is my biggest challenge for the month. It’s my 2nd biggest downfall besides bingeing on cereal.

So, how am I going to work on my night time snacking? Well, I’m going to get one snack that has points, like popcorn or a smoothie and then one snack that is zero points, like fruit or veggies. It’ll be hard, but I’m determined!

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I’m a farmer y’all!

 Good morning! So I thought my biceps were blown out, well, now my forearms are ridiculously sore! Here’s why…

Thursday night/Friday morning
Warm up
50 JJ
40 Air squat
30 JJ
20 push up
10 JJ

Skill- OH squat hold Tabata – 20 seconds hold, 10 seconds rest, for 4 minutes

A- Snatch
On 90sec clock – today was 45# max and on the last lift I got a stinger in my neck! Ugg…
B-12 minute Farmer carry,
For distance,
W= 45+ in each hand
M=75+ each hand – I did 40# KBs in each hand. I made it 800m in total and now my forearms are shredded!
C- 50 Burpees – these were slowly done and in groups of 10 and 5, but I did it!


Last night was Open House at C’s school. Her teacher this year got a new room and he even has windows! Lucky him and C! 🙂 We then went out to eat at Pizza Ranch. It was sad to see some of the people eating there. Most of them, I’d say over 80% where severely overweight if not obese. It was truly a sad sight and another reason I don’t like to go out to eat. It’s way to easy to overdo it. I had a salad with my own dressing and some fruit, 3 pieces of pizza (of course I went for the smaller ones on the buffet, 1 waffle fry, 1 peach dessert pizza (again super small compared to other pieces). After all that I was full, not uncomfortable, but full. Thankfully I did not have soda, just some water, the carbonation would have put my stomach over the edge I believe.
The scale this morning was 150#, that’s up from 148.6# that I saw a couple of days ago. I blame the eating out and the BC pill. 😛
C has a Dr. appointment today with an ENT. She’s worried about having her tonsils or adenoids removed. I said we just need to go and see what the Doctor thinks, then we’ll worry about it.
We don’t have any major weekend plans.
  • Saturday – FF?, work at library
  • Sunday – 10am movie, kayaking? State Park?
  • Monday – 10am movie, kayaking? State Park? bake bread for school
  • Tuesday – FF, first day of school, work at library, the girls and hubby will visit me on my supper break since I’m covering 2 shifts
  • Wednesday – FF, L has day off from school, work WW
  • Thursday – FF, work at library, work at WW
  • Friday – FF, day to myself, L has a birthday party sleepover

Enjoy your day!

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Holy blown out biceps!

Good Thursday morning! Today’s workout didn’t appear tough, but as I was trying to wash my hair, spoon food into my mouth and drink out of a cup, it was proving to be veerrryyy difficult!
Wednesday night/ Thursday morning
Warm up
30 good mornings
2 laps broad jump
150 mtn climbers

Skill- tabata, OH squat hold, 4 min Hold squat for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds

A- Eccentric Pull ups
8×5, rest 30-45 sec between sets – These were pretty tough. i could do the first 1-2 pretty slowly, but after that I was just dropping like dead weight.
B- 10 min AMRAP
10 Goblet Squats w KB – 20# KB
5 HSPU – Walked up the wall backwards
1 hill sprint
Rest 2 min, repeat – I completed 5 rounds each time for a total of 10 rounds. That’s 50 Hand Stand Push Ups which is partly why my arms are shot.

Last night we attended the Middle School Open House. We met all of L’s teachers for this upcoming year. I’m thinking she’s really going to enjoy it this year and it’s going to bring her out of her comfort zone a bit more, which is good. Lot’s to learn.

Tonight we attend C’s Open House. We only have 3 teachers to meet for her. Last night we met 9!

I work from 8:45-1pm today at the library. I’m thinking it’s going to be a clean the books day, something where I can keep my arms below my waist! LOL After work I’m headed to the Farmer’s Market to get some produce. I’m mostly interested in eggplant and kohlrabi. The other things I’m growing myself so I don’t need to buy them.

That’s what I know. Enjoy your day!

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Aches & Pains

 Good morning! My thumb is still swollen, bizarre. Now my right knee hurts some I’m doing the RICE thing. Well, not so much Rest, but the others! LOL Other than that things are great!

Tuesday evening Wednesday morning
Warm up
50 Jumping jacks
40 Air squats
30 Jumping Jacks
20 Push ups
10 Jumping Jacks
Shoulder MOB

Skill- OH squat 3×10 on wall

A- Push press
65% 75% 85% – I started with a 45# bar and ended with 75# at the end.
90 sec clock
B- Deadlift
Same scheme – I started with 65# and ended with 105#

On tap for today is working at Weight Watchers and meeting some people at the splash pad in town for a bit this afternoon. Tonight is the open house at the middle school from 6-7. I’m looking forward to getting L settled in her locker and meeting her teachers.
Hubby has a Dr. appointment this morning for his back. Hopefully all will go well for that.
Tomorrow I work 8:45-1 at the library and then we have C’s open house from 4-6pm. I think we’ll be going out for dinner after since that’s a yearly tradition we have. Friday C has an appointment with an ENT to discuss her sleep apnea and snoring. Who knows what will come of that.
That’s all I know, enjoy your day.
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Thumbthings wrong…

I woke up this morning with a swollen right thumb that won’t bend. Hmm….what was I doing in my sleep last night? Whatever, it’ll heal. Today’s workout was decent. There were 12 of us there this morning and I hear that it’s like this once school starts, if not more people at 4:45am. Hopefully there are enough weights to go around.

Monday evening/tues morning
Warm up
30 Good morning
1 lap broad jumps
150 mountain climbers

Skill- OH squats – we used a partner again, 5 minutes total

A- Front squat
65% 75% 85%
On a 90 sec clock – I did 45# bar for the 5x, then 55# for the 3 and then 65# for the 2x
B- OMEM 18 minutes
Clean and Jerk
Increase weight every 4th minute
Minutes 1-4= 5 reps – 35# bar
4-8= 4 reps  40#
8-12= 3 reps  45#
12-16= 2 reps 65#
16-18 = 1 reps 75#

After the workout I had to fill up gas and get milk and bananas. I felt kinda gross walking into Kwik Trip all sweaty, but oh well, I got MY workout in! 😛

This morning I’ve already picked vegetables, watered both gardens and made jellos. It’s almost 8am and the girls are still asleep. Strange, considering they went to bed by 8:30 last night.  Oh, C just woke up, so I’m sure L won’t be far behind.

I work today from 1-8:30pm. I haven’t worked a shift like that yet and I hope there is enough to keep me busy for 7 1/2 hours.

No other news from me. I’m keeping on….enjoy your day.

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The final week of summer vacation!

Good Monday morning! School is just around the corner and I believe the girls are ready to get into a routine. Summer has been on long enough. While the weekend didn’t seem long enough, I still managed to get to bed early so I could make it to Fitness Foundry this morning.

Monday morning
Warm up
50 Jumping jacks
40 Air squats
30 Jumping Jacks
20 Push ups
10 Jumping Jacks

Skill- OH Squat, practice on wall, sets of 8, partner, I go you go, 5 minutes

For time
30 box jumps
20 knees to elbow
30 box jumps
20 burpees
30 box jumps
20 Empty bar thrusters 45/35
30 box jumps

I got the workout done in 10:24, not too shabby! The thrusters about killed me. After we were all done we all decided to run 800M. The workout was very short today, we were done within 30 minutes, so that extra run helped a bit. Then we were all able to stretch and chat. It was nice for a Monday morning. I already know what tomorrow’s workout is going to be since we are back to the night group starting the workout and the morning people finishing it up the next day. That way we can compare our times to theirs. Tomorrow is a lot of weights.

I haven’t mentioned the scale lately. I’m still weighing myself each day, mostly it’s in the 151# range. Except for yesterday and today it was 148.4#. That’s because I was on my week of no BC Pills. I know that’s why my weight went back down. I’ve also increased my points from 26 to 28 per day, plus my 49 weeklies. I’m doing another week of 28 and seeing how that affects the scale.

Starting when the girls go back to school I’m going to be walking more in the mornings before I work. This week is to darn hot! 😛 That will also get me back into some sort of routine too.

I’ve also had a ton of NSV lately. Saturday we went to the Taste of Portage. I debated between the BBQ Pork sandwich or a Reuben wrap. Well, I love Reubens so I got that, little did I know it was only 2″ long! Well, for $1 what did I expect? Anyway, I was pretty hungry still, but I just sucked it up and ate a salad later on when I got home. Then on Sunday we went to House on the Rock. We brought our lunches along, but weren’t able to eat them because we couldn’t actually leave the tour in the middle and start up where we left off. Now they offer food along the way. So the first stop was pizza or sandwiches. The slices of pizza were HUGE! Like 1/4 of a pizza! So I had them cut 2 pieces in 1/2 and we ate those. Yeah, we were still hungry, but we ate our lunches later on when we were all done. The kids and hubby had ice cream sandwiches at the last stop, but I didn’t. I didn’t feel deprived either. In my book both of those food encounters were a victory for me. The ‘old’ me would have went crazy! 😛

Soon I have to head to Walmart. We need some food staples around here. We are having BLTs tomorrow and we are out of bread. Hubby also broke it clipon sunglasses yesterday so I’m hoping to find a replacement at the Vision Center.

That’s it from me, enjoy your day!

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Weekend update with Angie

Good evening!

Friday afternoon I took the girls mini golfing in the Wisconsin Dells. We each got a hole-in-one!

golfing girls

Saturday we headed to the Taste of Portage. We met up with hubby’s relatives for a bit.

Sunday we decided to go to the House on the Rock.

House on rock

L and Mom HOR

mom and dad wolf

And that was my weekend!

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Status Quo


Things here are rolling along. I find myself always looking forward to Fridays. I don’t work, I don’t have anything pressing and for that I am grateful.
Now on to today’s workout….
Warm up
Run 800M
Arm n leg swings…

Skill- Push ups, knees locked out, cores and butts tight
3×10 – These are hard for me, I still want to worm my way up.

20 minute AMRAP
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats

I got in 17 rounds + 5 Pullup + 1 Pushup, not too shabby! This morning a friend at FF gave me a nice compliment about how my body is changing with lifting weights. I appreciated it so much, it was nice to hear. I admire her transformation too, she’s come a long way in two years.

Today L has band from 9-11. I was going to hit a garage sale at 8am, but as of right now I’m letting them sleep in. We can always go later on.
I need to stop at Walmart for a few misc. items. L needs a shelf for her locker and we need a new shower curtain/liner. C slipped in the shower the other day and pulled the liner off about 4 rings. I’ve had the same curtain for YEARS, but I’m so cheap that I hate to spend a lot of money. Maybe I’ll check out the clearance rack. 😛
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Whiney day….


It’s not me! My day is great….C is having a rough morning though and I’m thankful to go to work for a bit to not hear the whining going on….
Warm up
3 laps
BBJ bear crawl back
Frog hop, crab walk back

Skill- push up, keeping knees off ground, no “worming”

30 Clean N Jerk 135/95 – I did 65# in 4:48

Then 800m race, first one back does not do 50 toes to bar – My hubby was the first one back, I suffered through 50 modified toe to bars.

I work today til 1pm. I’m coming home to eat quick and get ready to take the girls to the beach for a bit. They’ve been pretty couped up lately with me being at work.
Tonight I work at Weight Watchers and I have off next week since it’s Open House at C’s school.
Tomorrow is Fitness Foundry and L has band from 9-11am and then our day is WIDE OPEN. I do have something in mind though… 😛
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The Foundry was packed this morning!


Happy Hump Day! There were 13 people there this morning, including three married couples. The workout was pretty decent.
Warm up
800m run
Arm n leg swings…

Skill- Squat stretch with bar in rack position

Cleans. M-135# W- 95# – I used 55#, I could have went a tad heavier, but by the end it was tough.
Ring Dips – Not enough rings for everyone so I used the short bars to do dips.

My time was 6:35

Then plank off, last one planking doesn’t do 21 empty bar thrusters – So it was down to me and Jesse in the end and after holding plank for 3:30 I was done! Sweat was dripping down my arms and they started to shake. I gave it up and did my 21 thrusters with a 35# bar.

This morning L has flute lessons, so I’m going to walk the track with a friend for an hour. That is if she can get her kids motivated by 8am. 🙂
Yesterday I registered L for 6th grade. Thankfully I got there early and was only 8th in line. It still took almost 15 minutes for me to have my turn. Once we found out her locker we headed down to have her try it out. We also met one of her teachers in the hallway and she brought us into her classroom and we chatted for a bit. After all of that L is more excited for school to start. Me too! 😛
Today I work WW and then at the library. In between all of that I have a few errands to run around town. Another busy Wednesday.
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