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Back at it!

on August 5, 2013

 Good Monday morning! I went to bed pretty early yesterday, by 8:30pm I was asleep. However, the night before I stayed up until 10:15 and was up at 3:50am. Sooo….I needed the sleep. Hubby and I drove in separately to the gym today since he needs to leave for work right after.

warm up
3 laps
High knee
Bear Walk
Gorilla Walk – this was new and strange to do.
Lateral Lunge

Skill- DU’s – I’m working on this. The speed rope is very painful when it gets caught on my food and slaps into my arm or leg!

A- Deadlift, speed focus, raise the weight up quick and lower slow
(50%)(60%)(65%) – I did 55#, then 75# and finally 95#
on 90 sec Clock
B- Tabata 20/10 8 rounds
Pull up – jumping ones for me
Sandbag Squats
Push up – I started on full on push-ups and ended up on my knees by the final few rounds
Air Squats

Squat stretch if time

Today’s workout was pretty tough. Sometimes the ones that ‘look’ easy, aren’t.
I don’t have much on my to-do list for today. Supper will be in the crockpot so L won’t have to do anything with that tonight. I work from 1-5 and it’s nice to have supper almost ready by the time I get home at 5:15.
Sunday when we picked up the girls from their friend’s house we stopped at Goodwill. Boy, did we score there! The girls got about 8 or 9 shirts, I got a shirt and a pair of jeans, hubby got some shorts for the gym and we found a few other things. We spent about $85 there, but came out with 2 garbage bags FULL of things.
Yesterday after lunch I spent about 2 hours working in the gardens. I pulled a bunch of weeds along the fence line, the rest of the garden has minimal weeds. I picked some vegetables, potatoes, onions, cucumbers…..L helped plant some beet seeds and some arugula seeds.
Nothing else from me, enjoy your day!

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