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on August 6, 2013

 Happy Tuesday morning! The workout today was pretty good.

Warm up
Run 800M
Then Bergener drill- snatch

… Skill- DU’s – I successfully completed TWO double-unders in a row! Yee-haw!

A- OH Squat
5-4-3-2-1 – 35# bar
on 90sec clock AHAP
B- Snatch
5-5-5-5-5-5 – 35# bar for the first 5, then 45# for the rest
on 90sec Clock AHAP
C- 40 yard sprints x10
two people at a time – I think we only had time for 6 sprints

Recap of yesterday….I went to Fitness Foundry in the morning. I came home, showered, ate, etc. and waited for the girls to wake up. I waited…and waited…and waited…finally at 9am I opened the door so the cat would go in there and wake them up. While I waited I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes while I read my book. Multi-tasking at it’s best. 🙂
I worked from 1-5 and was able to get a few things put into our new storeroom. The maintenance guy finally attached the shelving we needed. Sadly, it won’t be enough storage! I think there could be a few things pared down a bit, but I’ve found that the ladies I work with don’t get rid of ANYTHING! LOL If all goes well today I may be able to get through a few more things.
Supper last night was Italian Beef in the crockpot. Super easy and everyone in the family likes it. C was disappointed since she thought we were having sloppy joes. So, I think that’s what’s for supper tonight.
I’m still weighing myself each day. I’m staying pretty close to 26 DPs and sometimes going up to 32 DPs depending on the day. I have not been bingeing or overeating, but the scale really doesn’t cooperate. I am totally blaming the BC Pill for this. Yeah, I know I can lose weight while on the pill, I did that for years, but I’ve been maintaining my weight for so long while being OFF the pill that now that I’m back on I’m fighting with 2-3#. That doesn’t seem like much, but it puts me over my WW goal by 1-2# depending. It sucks since I have to weigh-in for my job each month and it doesn’t coincide with the week I’m OFF the pill and my weight goes back down. Just ugg..anyway, I weigh-in tomorrow for the month and right now it would be close if I’d make the 152# cut-off. My plan for today is to watch my sodium and drink a bunch of water, hoping I can make it under goal tomorrow.
It’s hard to believe school starts in 4 weeks. While that seems like a long time, I know it’ll go by really fast. L starts band lessons next week at 8am and that lasts for 2 weeks. We have a couple of small things still planned for this summer, but nothing too expensive.
That’s it from me, I’m all over the place! LOL Enjoy your day.

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