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My hands are raw!

on August 7, 2013

 Today’s workout was brutal on my hands. I don’t think the turf at the track is meant to bear walk on for 100M! However, changing up the workout today was good. It was nice to have a change of scenery AND workout. It was tough today, but I was done with the main workout in around 18 minutes or so. We didn’t have an ‘official’ clock going.

Warm up
3 laps
High knee
Bear Walk
Gorilla Walk
Lateral Lunge

Skill, Squat stretch – This felt awesome! My legs are so sore.

For time
50M Lunges – this was waaaayyy to far to do walking lunges! LOL
Run 400M sandbag – This sucked because that sandbag is heavy! I even have a wound from it rubbing on my shoulder as I ran my lap around the track.
Run 800M – This wasn’t so bad since I got to drop the sandbag and felt instantly lighter! 2 laps around the track
Handstandwalk 10M – yeah, no one is able to do this so we did the crabwalk for 20M, yeah, my hands hurt.
Bearwalk 100M – Okay, if I thought my hands hurt before this, I was wrong. This sucked!
Run 400m – This was one lap around and easy since I knew I’d be done! LOL

So my body is pretty sore from the last two days’ workouts. My calves are super tight and walking down the stairs is hard. My quads are pretty sore and my hamstrings are a tad tight, but not awful. Hubby was giving it today too, but I could tell it was tough on him. He’s questioning how many days a week he should be doing this! LOL I took last Thursday off since I didn’t get to bed early enough, but I’m unsure of tomorrow. I’m going to try to wind down quicker tonight and try to get to sleep. I think once the workout is posted on Facebook, that may play into it too! LOL
I weigh in today at WW. My home scale had me at 150.6# this morning. It’ll be close if I make the 152#. I’ll just be happy to make it this week. I really don’t want to have to wait until next week to submit my weigh-in.
How have I been doing on my challenge for August? Pretty darn good! I haven’t had ANY cereal. I’ve swapped a few snacks for veggies rather than fruit. It’s just there is soo much good fruit right now, cherries, watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches, etc. My soda consumption is pretty good. I didn’t have any Monday & Tuesday. I’ve weighed and tracked all my food. I even have 36 WPA left out of my 49 and my week ends today. I do plan on getting some ice cream after work tonight. The library is right near an awesome & cheap popcorn/ice cream stand. They always have fun flavors of hard ice cream. It’s my treat for being on track this week. 🙂
No more news on my end. Enjoy your day.

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