My life as a woman, wife and mother.

I’m so proud!

on August 8, 2013


I really pushed myself this morning and I’m proud of myself!
Warm up
Run 800M
Then Bergener drill- Clean n Jerk

… Skill- DU’s

A- Clean N Jerk
5-5-5-3-3-3-2-2-2 – I started with 35# and ended at 55#
90sec clock AHAP
B- EMOM 18Min (use a weight that’s challenging for you) – I used 55# the entire time and it was tough!
3 Hang clean
3 front squat
3 push press
5 Push ups

I so wanted to use 45#, but Tom encouraged me (challenged me) to use the 55#, by the 16th round I wanted to give it up, but Tom came by and gave me some encouragement to keep going! I was so proud that I did it!
After all my fretting yesterday about weigh-in. I weighed in at 151.2#, up 1# from last month! Sweet! I also stayed true to my plan for August and did not binge yesterday. I did have some nuts and chocolate chips, all weighed and counted. I did get ice cream from Popcorn Corner and he gave me a shit ton of it! So, I didn’t eat it all and gave some to the kids when I got home. For that I am doubly proud of myself.
I work soon at the library and I work tonight at Weight Watchers. After work tonight a few of us are going out for dinner. We aren’t sure if it’ll be a sitdown restaurant or grabbing subs and heading to a park to chat. Either way, I’m looking forward to some girl time with my friends!
That’s it from me, enjoy your day!

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