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I’m glad it’s Friday! (I think I say that every week.)

on August 9, 2013

 The end of the week is here! I’m happy to be done with another week at the Fitness Foundry. It was tough!

Warm up
3 laps
High knees
Bear walk
Gorilla walk
Lateral lunges

Skill- squat stretch on wall – This was similar to a birthing position! LOL We women found it funny, the men, not so much.

A- 10 min single arm farmer carry – We did the bar (maybe 10#) and another 50# of weight.
B- Partners
One person runs 200m while the other chips away at the reps, as soon as runner returns, they take over the reps and the other person runs.
100 wallballs 20/14 – 10# ball
100 box jump 24/18
100 ring rows

I was partnered up with Jesse. We finished in 14:13. Not too shabby. My body needs the next two days to heal and recover.
Yesterday I worked at the library from 9-1. It was fairly uneventful. I issued a few new cards and helped a few people and that’s what it’s all about. 🙂
I worked at Weight Watchers too. My friend Cheryl was there filling in for Shannon and it was awesome to see her! After we went to Subway for supper and to chat for a bit. She’s filling in for me next Wednesday, but I think it will work out for me to attend the meeting, so maybe we can chat a bit more then too. I miss her a lot.
The girls are still sleeping, they are horrible night owls and will soon have a rude awakening when school gets going again. We were going to have a pretty low-key day, but I decided we need to head to Madison. So…..very soon I’ll be waking them up and hustling them along so we can get shopping!
Enjoy your day!

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