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First day of band!

on August 12, 2013


Good Monday morning! I slept wonderfully last night! Today’s workout was pretty intense.
Warm up
Good morning
Jump pull ups
Push ups

Flex- Sampson stretch

A- Push Press
15min max, rest as needed between sets
5-5-3-3-1-1-1 finding new max – my new max is 75#! It was hard.
B- 21-15-9
Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Pull ups

My time was 8:33 I think! It’s so hard to remember, maybe they’ll post a photo of the board later so I can verify.
This morning L has her first flute lesson from 8-9am. C and I are going to walk to Walgreens for a couple of items and we’ll drop off a movie along the way. Then depending on how much time we have, we’ll walk around the track at the school until L is done.
I work from 1-5 today. It should be a bit different since the entire library is open now. Even though the construction isn’t completely finished they are opening it back up. That means we should have less foot traffic in our section and just kids with their families.
My week is fairly busy.
  • Monday – FF, band, work
  • Tuesday – FF, band, work, piano lessons
  • Wednesday – FF, band, registration for C, work at library
  • Thursday – FF, band, work at library, dentist appointments, work at Weight Watchers
  • Friday – FF, band, take K to cheer camp, pick up K and head to the beach?

Lots of driving around, that’s for sure.

That’s what I know, enjoy your day!


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