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Sore shoulders!

on August 13, 2013


Happy Tuesday!
Warm up
3 laps
Burpee broad jump
Then suicides 5x… – we did these outside and for some reason they were killing my quads.

Flex- leg swings on floor

Warm up
A- Clean
15 min max, rest as needed between sets
5-5-3-3-1-1-1 – My max was 75#
B- 6 rounds
5 Thrusters 95/75 – I used a 35# bar and it was hard!
10 push ups  – time was 5:46
C- 150 mountain climbers – split time was 7:30

This workout was pretty tough too. I’ve never done thrusters before and my shoulders were feeling it, especially after having to do pushups too!
L started flute yesterday and so far so good. She can make a lovely sound with it and it’s all a learning process. While she was at her lesson C and I walked to the store and back and then hit up the track for a bit. She actually walked through the bleachers while I did 3 laps. Today we are taking tennis rackets and balls and seeing if we can do that for a bit.
Yesterday work went pretty quickly. There was a lot to get done and I was happy that I got on my boss to get my the Saturday schedule. Now I know what I work through December. It makes it much easier to plan things that way.
I work again today from 1-5 and L has piano lessons tonight. This will be her last lesson until after school starts. Her teacher is having a kidney removed next Monday and expects 2-3 weeks to recover from that. I’m wishing her well.
Enjoy your day!

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