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No WOD? Am I full of Sh!t?

on August 19, 2013

Good Monday morning. I spent last night from 9pm-11pm in the ER. Now, don’t get too worried, but I was worried enough to go in. Yesterday around 4pm my stomach started to hurt really bad around my belly button area. Like really bad! It would kind of go away. Well, around 8:30pm I was trying to sleep and the pain was just too much to bear. All I could think of was my appendix was going to burst in my sleep and I’d be a goner. So, I headed to the ER.

After blood work, exams, urine samples and xrays it was determined that I’m merely full of shit! Seriously, he said constipation was the culprit. Really? If that is what constipation is like I’ve NEVER had it in my life! He said my xray showed a lot of stool in my intestines. So, basically I’m just full of shit!

That being said, I got home after 11pm and I knew that I wasn’t going to crossfit on 5 hours of sleep. Hubby went and said it wasn’t too awful, so I’ll just go with that! I’ll be back at it tomorrow and hopefully things will be ‘moving’ along by then.


Yesterday morning we went kayaking. The girls did pretty well, but it’s less stressful to just go with hubby. L has a birthday party next Saturday so we are hoping to go with C that evening.

I also got the rest of my weeding done yesterday. Hubby helped me move some pavers from the side of the garden. The flower bed on that side has been neglected for years and was basically just weeds and a few hostas. Now the pavers line the fence of the garden and I hope they help keep the weeds down.

The girls and I went to a neighbors house yesterday and picked pears from her tree! They are so delicous and fresh. I have an apple cake recipe that I’m going to try swapping out with pears. It’s pretty diet friendly and small! LOL No tempting leftovers.

The scale is hovering around 151-152# or so. I’m hoping soon things will clear out of my system. It’s also the week of my placebo bc pills so I expect the scale to go down a bit from being off the hormones. That also means my period will make an appearance this week, boo to that!

Enough rambling from me. I have thing to do before I take L and her friend to band lessons. Thankfully the other mom is doing pickup this week.

Enjoy your day!


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