My life as a woman, wife and mother.

It felt great to work out today!

on August 20, 2013


After having 2 days off from exercise it was good to get back into it!
Warm up
3 laps
Burpee broad jumps
And bear crawl back…

Skill- Squat

5 rounds
Run 400m
30 Box jump 18/24 – I think I did 12″ box
30 KB swing 20/45 – I did a 25# kettlebell

I finished in 24:24! It was a tough workout and I was a sweaty mess!
Today I take L to flute lessons and then at 10am we have registration for school. I work 1-5 today too.
  • Wednesday – Fitness Foundry, band, work Weight Watchers, work library
  • Thursday – Fitness Foundry, band, work library, work Weight Watchers
  • Friday – Fitness Foundry, band, mini golf?
  • Saturday – exercise at home, work at library?, birthday party for L to go to at 4pm

That’s it from me! Enjoy your day!


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