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Thumbthings wrong…

on August 27, 2013

I woke up this morning with a swollen right thumb that won’t bend. Hmm….what was I doing in my sleep last night? Whatever, it’ll heal. Today’s workout was decent. There were 12 of us there this morning and I hear that it’s like this once school starts, if not more people at 4:45am. Hopefully there are enough weights to go around.

Monday evening/tues morning
Warm up
30 Good morning
1 lap broad jumps
150 mountain climbers

Skill- OH squats – we used a partner again, 5 minutes total

A- Front squat
65% 75% 85%
On a 90 sec clock – I did 45# bar for the 5x, then 55# for the 3 and then 65# for the 2x
B- OMEM 18 minutes
Clean and Jerk
Increase weight every 4th minute
Minutes 1-4= 5 reps – 35# bar
4-8= 4 reps  40#
8-12= 3 reps  45#
12-16= 2 reps 65#
16-18 = 1 reps 75#

After the workout I had to fill up gas and get milk and bananas. I felt kinda gross walking into Kwik Trip all sweaty, but oh well, I got MY workout in! 😛

This morning I’ve already picked vegetables, watered both gardens and made jellos. It’s almost 8am and the girls are still asleep. Strange, considering they went to bed by 8:30 last night.  Oh, C just woke up, so I’m sure L won’t be far behind.

I work today from 1-8:30pm. I haven’t worked a shift like that yet and I hope there is enough to keep me busy for 7 1/2 hours.

No other news from me. I’m keeping on….enjoy your day.


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