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Holy blown out biceps!

on August 29, 2013
Good Thursday morning! Today’s workout didn’t appear tough, but as I was trying to wash my hair, spoon food into my mouth and drink out of a cup, it was proving to be veerrryyy difficult!
Wednesday night/ Thursday morning
Warm up
30 good mornings
2 laps broad jump
150 mtn climbers

Skill- tabata, OH squat hold, 4 min Hold squat for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds

A- Eccentric Pull ups
8×5, rest 30-45 sec between sets – These were pretty tough. i could do the first 1-2 pretty slowly, but after that I was just dropping like dead weight.
B- 10 min AMRAP
10 Goblet Squats w KB – 20# KB
5 HSPU – Walked up the wall backwards
1 hill sprint
Rest 2 min, repeat – I completed 5 rounds each time for a total of 10 rounds. That’s 50 Hand Stand Push Ups which is partly why my arms are shot.

Last night we attended the Middle School Open House. We met all of L’s teachers for this upcoming year. I’m thinking she’s really going to enjoy it this year and it’s going to bring her out of her comfort zone a bit more, which is good. Lot’s to learn.

Tonight we attend C’s Open House. We only have 3 teachers to meet for her. Last night we met 9!

I work from 8:45-1pm today at the library. I’m thinking it’s going to be a clean the books day, something where I can keep my arms below my waist! LOL After work I’m headed to the Farmer’s Market to get some produce. I’m mostly interested in eggplant and kohlrabi. The other things I’m growing myself so I don’t need to buy them.

That’s what I know. Enjoy your day!


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