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I’m a farmer y’all!

on August 30, 2013

 Good morning! So I thought my biceps were blown out, well, now my forearms are ridiculously sore! Here’s why…

Thursday night/Friday morning
Warm up
50 JJ
40 Air squat
30 JJ
20 push up
10 JJ

Skill- OH squat hold Tabata – 20 seconds hold, 10 seconds rest, for 4 minutes

A- Snatch
On 90sec clock – today was 45# max and on the last lift I got a stinger in my neck! Ugg…
B-12 minute Farmer carry,
For distance,
W= 45+ in each hand
M=75+ each hand – I did 40# KBs in each hand. I made it 800m in total and now my forearms are shredded!
C- 50 Burpees – these were slowly done and in groups of 10 and 5, but I did it!


Last night was Open House at C’s school. Her teacher this year got a new room and he even has windows! Lucky him and C! 🙂 We then went out to eat at Pizza Ranch. It was sad to see some of the people eating there. Most of them, I’d say over 80% where severely overweight if not obese. It was truly a sad sight and another reason I don’t like to go out to eat. It’s way to easy to overdo it. I had a salad with my own dressing and some fruit, 3 pieces of pizza (of course I went for the smaller ones on the buffet, 1 waffle fry, 1 peach dessert pizza (again super small compared to other pieces). After all that I was full, not uncomfortable, but full. Thankfully I did not have soda, just some water, the carbonation would have put my stomach over the edge I believe.
The scale this morning was 150#, that’s up from 148.6# that I saw a couple of days ago. I blame the eating out and the BC pill. 😛
C has a Dr. appointment today with an ENT. She’s worried about having her tonsils or adenoids removed. I said we just need to go and see what the Doctor thinks, then we’ll worry about it.
We don’t have any major weekend plans.
  • Saturday – FF?, work at library
  • Sunday – 10am movie, kayaking? State Park?
  • Monday – 10am movie, kayaking? State Park? bake bread for school
  • Tuesday – FF, first day of school, work at library, the girls and hubby will visit me on my supper break since I’m covering 2 shifts
  • Wednesday – FF, L has day off from school, work WW
  • Thursday – FF, work at library, work at WW
  • Friday – FF, day to myself, L has a birthday party sleepover

Enjoy your day!


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