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Happy Birthday to Me!

 We really celebrated my birthday on Sunday. We went to a movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Good movie, but the first one was much better. After that we went out for lunch. I of course got a reuben and fries! I did give 1/2 the reuben to L to try and she loved it! I also split my fries with the whole family since I was the only one who had any. I was saving room for carrot cake! I love that stuff. The piece we got was for 2 people. Honestly, it was for 6! The four of us ate it, well, about 1/2 and took the rest home. It was expensive after all. After supper the girls and I divided up the rest. Hubby was out.

eating cake


I got to open my gifts too. I got some weight lifting gloves, body wash, chapstick, intense hand cream (which is a must for fall/winter) and a neck warmer. Love!
I brought in birthday muffins to Fitness Foundry this morning. Sadly, my buddy who shares a birthday with me is going to tonight’s class.
This week the Strength portion is at lower %’s so practice form and speed through the movements.
Warm up
20 Cal row
Side lunge with stretch
Push up into Up Dog
Roll back into sit up, (Start by sitting then roll feet back, touch ground behind you roll forward into sit up)

Skill- Bubka

A) Push Press, 90 sec clock
3×5 3×5 3×5
40% 50% 60%, 30#, 35#, 45#

B- 6 Rounds
10 Turkish get ups KB (alternating hands)
10 KB Snatch (Alternating hands)
10 Single Arm KB Clean and Press

I used a 10# weight and this required a lot of concentration and remembering to do the moves correctly. I was done in 17:55.
Today I work from 1-5 and L has piano at 6:15, I plan to walk tonight while she’s in there. I’m going to walk and read on the treadmill this morning so I can get my book done.
Enjoy your day!
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More sleep for me!

 Last night was good, 8 hours of sleep! 🙂

Warm up
Jog 800M
50 Ball Slams

Skill- false grip on rings, holding and pulling…

A- Jerk on 2 minute clock
3×5 3×3 3×1
75% 85% 95% 65#, 70#, 80#
B- 5 min AMRAP
5 Chin Ups
5 Ring Dips
Rest 1 min
C- 5min AMRAP
10 Push Ups
10 jump pull ups
D- Plank off, hold as long as you can – I came in second to the trainer! Almost 3 minutes in plank! Woot!

I’m meeting a friend for a walk at 8:30am. It’s early release from school and L is going to her friend’s house. C and I are going shopping and calling her art mentor to set up a time. I have my massage tonight and I’m looking forward to it!
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 Since I worked last night until 8:30 and didn’t get to sleep until around 9:30am, the alarm at 4am came too soon. I’m a bit sleepy, but I’ll get through the day and get to bed early tonight.

Warm up
Roll legs and shoulders, 5 minutes
Jump Pull Ups
Air Squat
Push up

A- Deadlift 2 minute clock
3×5 3×3 3×1
75% 85% 95% – I did 115#, 130# and then 145#, that was tough!
B- 20min AMRAP
20cal row
20 Wallball 20/14 – I used the 10# wall ball
20 Front Squat 65/45
20 Mtn Climbers

I completed 3 rounds and almost 4, but I didn’t get in the last set of front squats. Truthfully, I didn’t want to do them anyway! LOL
I work today until 1pm and then it’s off to the farmer’s market. I’m looking for squash and apples and anything else that peaks my interest. Tonight I work at Weight Watchers too, but I should be home by 7:30pm and can get to sleep early.
Enjoy your day!
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 Happy Hump Day!

Yesterday the library was hopping with the after school program. It featured Despicable Me 2 and the minions. Too much fun! My oldest daughter got to help out, she was glad to do it, but she needs to work on being bossier to others, NOT just her sister! LOL

Warm up
Jog 800m
50 Ballslams

Skill- Handstand walk – On this skill I DID move my hands a tiny bit! Woohoo! Not walking by any means, but I’m able to shift my weight a bit. Progress….

A- OMEM, 10 minute
Snatch grip Deadlift
Snatch Pull from Hang
Hang Snatch
Oh Squat
Full Snatch – This wasn’t too bad. I did use the 35# bar instead of the 45# which made the Overhead Squat a bit easier than Monday was.
B- 7 rounds
3 Single ring pullups(both hands on one ring) – I did the jump pull up and lowered myself really slow.
6 Handstand pushups – I’m happy to say I did these! Sort of! I did the hand stand and had 3 pads below my head. I lowered myself down enough so my head touched the pads and then went back up! I was happy Tom (the trainer) encouraged me to do those!
9 hand release push ups – I started out doing the regular pushup and switched to girlie ones about 3 rounds in!

Total time was 8:08!
Today I’m going to walk-n-read in a bit. I’ve started the sequel to a book I finished the other day. I’m going to leave early for Weight Watchers and stop at Walgreens for a couple of things. Then tonight I work at the library from 5-8:30pm.
I have some exciting news about my youngest daughter. She’s 8 years old and loves art. She’s had art in the state competition for the last two years and we are so proud of her for that. I’ve contacted a local artist and asked her to mentor C on the weekends. She’s agreed to do it and now we just have to work out the details! C is over the moon with happiness! She needs something to call her own since her big sister always gets to do everything first.
My 39th birthday is coming up and this morning at Fitness Foundry we were talking about ‘how old you feel’. Honestly in my mind I haven’t aged much over 27 or so. I just don’t feel like I’m nearing 40. Young at heart I guess! I called my massage therapist this morning hoping I could get a massage in this weekend, but no luck. It’s a possibility that Friday night might work otherwise I have to wait until Oct. 7th. Boo to her being busy! LOL
That’s what I know. Enjoy your day!
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Climbing on up….or not…


I’m feeling pretty good this week. Nothing is sore and it’s a good feeling! LOL

Warm up

Roll legs and shoulders, 5 minutes – we used foam rollers and PVC pipes for this. It would have felt better if I had soreness.
Jump Pull Ups
Air Squat
Push up

A- Front Squat, 2 minute clock
3×5 3×3 3×1
75% 85% 95% – I’m trying to follow the rules this week, so I did 75#, 85# and 95#, tough but doable!
B- 4 Rounds
Run 200m
40 AbMats – I hate these
1 Hill Sprint
1 Rope Climb – I could NOT climb the rope today at all! I tried several times, but ended up lowering myself down with my arms and back up again, the modified version.

Total time was 19:30! Ugg….the ab mats slow me down, running is no problem.
This morning I’m going to do a few errands and then head to work at 1pm. There is a library program today after school so it’ll be busy in the children’s library! Thankfully my friend Tami is going to get my girls from school and bring them to the library since I’ll be working. L is too old for this program, but she’s been recruited to help out and she’s excited about it! When it’s over they are just going to hang out and hopefully do their homework until my shift is over at 5pm.
I’ve been reading a bit lately. I’m walking on the treadmill for 30-60 minutes and reading a book while I walk from 3-4 mph. I feel like I’m killing two birds with one stone and I like it!
L applied to go to a Science Fest on Thursday and she got accepted to go! She’s excited to see all the experiments and booths at the festival. I’m happy for her and I hope she gets a lot out of going. I’m still waiting to hear about her Art teacher staring an Art Club, but I have a feeling it will be soon. She also wants to join Student Council which I think it great. I wasn’t on that in school, but I was a member of SADD and we did a lot of things that Student Council does in school. I think she’ll like it. The only hitch is one day a month she meets at 7:15am. No biggie, it just requires me driving them in to school or having C ride the bus alone. Doable.
That’s all from me, enjoy your day!
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 Happy Monday! I’m glad the week is here. Not that the weekend wasn’t good, I’m just all for routine for the kids.

I worked Saturday until 2pm and then came home and made beef stew. It took a few hours and was delciious! I made a double recipe right off the bat so we’d have leftovers during the week.

Sunday morning I made bread and mini donuts. After lunch hubby suggested we go kayaking, so that’s how we celebrated the first day of Fall.

006 (1024x388)


This morning’s workout was a little different.
Darko posted:
Just to note this week our Strength portions will be on a 2 minute clock, we’re using higher %’s, utilize the rest and also don’t be afraid to do a few “warm up reps” as you load your bars. Lets acquire some Fitness athletes!

Warm up
Jog 800M…
50 Ball Slams – we took a 10# medicine ball and slammed it into the ground! Awesome stress reliever! LOL

Skill- OH Squat with 2 second pause, 3×12 – we used a PVC pipe for this skill.

A- Push Press on 2 minute clock
3×5 3×3 3×1
75% 85% 95% – Since we were upping our weights, I did the first 5 with the 45# bar and then added 10# for the next 2 sets of 5. For the 3×3 I did 65# and for the 3×1 and I did my max at 75# and it was hard to do! I want to challenge myself this week for sure.
B- 21-15-9
OH Squats 75/45 – I’d usually use the 35# bar, but again, I’m challenging myself and I did the 45# and it was tough. I had to put the bar down a couple of times.
Pull Ups – jump pull ups for me, from a box.

5:12 was my time
After the workout I did some jumproping and was trying to do some double unders. I did get 3 in a row again. It’s an awesome feeling.
Today I work from 1-5 and L has piano. Hubby is taking her this week which I only think is fair! 😛
My week ahead isn’t too exciting!
  • Monday – FF, work
  • Tuesday – FF, work
  • Wednesday – FF, Weight Watchers, work
  • Thursday – FF, work, Weight Watchers
  • Friday – FF, early release from school
  • Saturday – ?
  • Sunday –  Out for my birthday, massage?

That’s it from me, enjoy your day!

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Off to work I go!

Good Saturday Morning!

I contemplated going to the Foundry this morning, but opted for the basement instead. I did 20 minutes on the treadmill running pretty fast. Then 15 minutes on the elliptical and walked for 15 minutes on the treadmill while I read my book! Multitasking at it’s best.

The scale this morning had me down 4.2# from yesterday! Wow, I finally released the binge weight I guess. 148.6 on the scale was awesome to see and will keep me on track over the weekend.

I work from 8:45-2pm today so I have my snack and lunch packed. Tonight we are having Hubby’s famous beef & barley stew for supper! I love that stuff!

We may rent a movie tonight too. We have no plans for tomorrow, but I’m hoping for kayaking if it’s not windy. We’ll see.

Gotta run, enjoy your day!

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Getting mad!

 Happy Friday! Woot woot! I’m enjoying the rain we’ve been getting lately. It’s wonderful.

This morning’s workout was pissing me off! I’m mad because I’m not super strong! LOL I started with 55# and had to go to 45# on the workout and it pissed me off.

Warm up
1 lap
High knees
Butt kickers
Piraformis walk
Lateral bearwalk
Lunge with elbow touch
Burpee broad jump

Skill- Monkey swing on rings – we didn’t do this.

A- Farmer carry
10min AHAP – My heaviest was 80# plus the bars. I wanted to go heavier but we had too many people and not enough time.
B- For Time
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Hand Clean
Push press
Then 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 of the same thing
Letting go of the bar equals 5 Burpees.

My time was 15:51 and I was so mad about it. I’m over it now, but my forearms were so spent that I almost couldn’t grip the bar. Me. Pissed. Off. BBBUUUUTTT I muscled through it and finished and that’s all that matters in the end.
I realize my posts have been short lately and mostly about my workout. I thought I’d update a bit about the happenings in my household.
C is in 3rd grade. She’s loving school and hasn’t had a lot of homework. Last night she had to write her first ‘reading response’ to a book she read. She chose Helen Keller. I helped her out a bit with it, but she came up with great ideas! She also had a cursive worksheet to do. Otherwise we’ve been having her go on her tablet and do math games.
L is in 6th grade. Holy Change from last year! Anyway, she’s had a lot of homework. Besides practicing band and piano, she has Pre-Algebra homework every night. If it’s not from the textbook it’s from a Mad Minute worksheet. They have one minute to complete 50 multiplication problems. She has to do as many as she can, if she gets one wrong then that’s how many points she gets. So if she got to the 10th problem, but errored on the 11th, she’d only get 10 points. Thankfully she’s getting to 42 or so. The ones that don’t get finished have to be written 5 times on the back of the sheet.
She also had to write a letter to Barack Obama about 3 issues concerning her about the future of our country. That produced a few tears when I criticized a sentence or two. Thankfully we worked through that last night. She also freaked out about not having a sheet turned in for gym. We found the form online and we filled it out again. It’s late, but he’ll get it.
L got invited to another sleepover for tonight. She’s gone more these days, bittersweet. I want her to have friends and build relationships, but it’s hard not to have my little girl at home. 😦
Hubby is still working in Madison as a mason. He had a job interview that didn’t pan out. It turns out he didn’t really want it and they didn’t offer it to him, so it all worked out! LOL
I’m still at the library 4 days a week and at Weight Watchers on Wednesday and every other Thursday. I was happy not to work last night since the girls had a bunch of homework and I wanted to be there for them to help out. Hubby could have done it, but he and L were butting heads last night.
That’s about it. Enjoy your day!
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I did it….and I didn’t like it…

Happy Thursday. I skipped my gym workout this morning because yesterday was a junk-food filled day. Well, that’s not entirely true, but it was bad. After 49 days of NO cereal I gave in to it and it wasn’t great. I felt my resolve waning…..I have my period….I’m crabby and uncomfortable so the best way to deal with it? Food! Now I know that’s not the best way, but my rational thoughts were gone. Sure, the whole day wasn’t bad. I did great with my eating until about 3:30pm or so. I then worked from 5-8:30 and came home and had a bit too much more cereal and pretzels and raisins. I have problems with these foods. I was doing well and avoiding them, but I gave in. The funny part was when I ate it it didn’t taste that great, so why do I crave it so much? Whatever…I knew I wasn’t going to the gym today because of cramps and working late the last 2 nights. Excuses I know, but I needed rest more. So now my fingers are puffy and the scale is up to 153.2#, but I got on the scale to face the reality of what junky food does to my body.

It’s a new day and my mind is in a better place. I work this morning and them I’m hitting the farmer’s market. I have a ton of kale and arugula to pick and clean this afternoon. Thankfully I don’t work tonight and I can cook a decent supper and be with my family.

Here’s to a better day!


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Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes…wait…just shoulders!

 This morning’s workout was shoulder heavy for sure. I was feeling it pretty bad for a bit there.

Warm Up
1 Lap
High Knees
Butt Kickers
Piraformis walk
Lateral Bearwalk
Lunge with Elbow touch floor
Burpee Broad jump

Skill- DU’s 5 min – I actually did 3 double unders in a row! I got a few more singles in there too. I hope we do this again tomorrow.

A- Snatch
5×5 on 90sec, AHAP – We went with the 45″ bar, it’s hard!
B- Clean
3×5 3×3 3×1
70 80 90% 55#, 60#, 65#
C- Jerk
3×5 3×3 3×1
70 80 90% 55#, 60#, 65#

I worked yesterday morning and then packed my lunch to eat before my Endocrinologist followup. Basically, I’m going to stay on this pill for 3 more months and see if the bitchiness eases a bit. If not I’m going to call and get a new pill to try out. Joy. She wants to see me in a year to redo some bloodwork.
I then went back to work from 5-8:30 and around 7:45 I hit the wall! There were no kids in the library and I had to force myself to walk around and shelf read. I was tired. I slept great and woke up with a sore throat on one side. Lovely. It seems all the hacking L has been doing and the kids at the library may have caught up with me.
Today it’s laundry at home, work Weight Watchers, run and errand or two and then home before I work tonight at the library. I hope tomorrow’s workout is fun so I don’t decide to just sleep in!
That’s it in my world! Enjoy yours.
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