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Back to the WOD and back to school!

on September 3, 2013

 Good morning! I was up early to get to the Foundry for my workout.

Tuesday morning
Warm up
8 minute jump rope
15 push ups every 2 minutes
Skill- Handstand 5minWorkout
A- OH Barbell hold 95/75 – I held 55# overhead
Tabata 20/10. 12 rounds
B- 15 min AMRAP
40 DU’s – I did 120 single jumpropes
40 AbMat
200m run
I completed 3 rounds of this and then most of my jumpropes on the start of the 4th round.
It was hard to get back into it after 3 days off, even though I worked out at home on Monday morning.
Today is the first day of school for the girls. L is in 6th grade and C is in 3rd grade. They were both excited to get going this morning! I hope their day goes well for them. I work tonight until 8:30pm so hubby is going to bring the girls into my work so I can hear about their days. Of course we took some photos this morning!
Carly 3rd grade

Lydia 6th gradecrazy faces

4th and 2nd

6th and 3rd

Last year              Compared to this year


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