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The 6th grader stays home….

on September 4, 2013

Good Wednesday morning. It was odd to send C to school alone today while L stays home. The 6th graders don’t have school today since they are orientating the 7th graders today.

Tuesday night/Wednesday morning
Warm up
Jump rope
Row 25 kcal(take turns)

Skill- Handstand

A- Push Press
70% 80% 90%  – I stated with a 45# bar, then 55# and finally 75#!
On 90sec clock
B- 21-18-15-12-9-6
Knees to elbows – I was able to get my legs up a lot higher this time around! Progress!
Ring rows
OH lunges – I used a 25# weight for this! Awesome!

My total time for the Workout B was 15:07, not too shabby!


Yesterday I worked at the library from 1-8:30. Hubby brought the girls in at 5:30 and they went on break with me until 6 and I got to hear about their first day at school. Both girls had a good day and had a lot to talk about. They ended up staying at the library until 6:45 or so just to hang out with me for a bit. When I got home at 8:45pm the house was quiet, apparently they had no trouble going to bed last night!

They both got up pretty easily this morning too, even though L doesn’t have to go. She’s going to WW with me at 11am and we have to shop for a birthday gift today too. She has a sleepover bday party on Friday.

I’m going to weigh-in for the month of September today. I’m not sure what will happen. I was 150.6# this morning, exactly what I was last month before weigh-in and then I weighed in at 151.2# and I was happy with that! As long as I can pull off 152# or less I’m good, otherwise I’ll use next week’s weight for weigh-in.

That’s all I know, enjoy  your day!


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