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Balls! That was tough!

on September 5, 2013

 When I saw today’s workout on Facebook yesterday I tried to just ignore it! I knew it would be awful. So awful that only 6 of us lovely ladies showed up at 4:45am!

Wednesday night/Thursday morning
Warm up
Row 20cal
Good morning
Push ups
(This warmup was a workout in itself!)

Skill- handstand/walk

A- Deadlift
5x5x5x3x3x3x1x1x1 – I did 85# for 5x then 105# and ended with 115#
70% 80% 90%
B- 100 Mtn climbers
90 DU’s
80 Mtn Climbers
70 Air Squats
60 Mtn Climbers
50 Push press. 45/35
40 mtn climbers
30 pull ups
20 mtn climbers

It took me just over 17 minutes to complete workout B. It was tough and I was a sweaty mess when I was done. On my way home I stopped at Kwik Trip to get eggs & bananas and my hands and arms were shaking as I handed over the money! LOL
I work at the library this morning and then I’m hitting up the farmer’s market in town for some produce.
I work tonight at Weight Watchers. We actually had a bigger crowd yesterday at the meeting, so I’m anticipating a few more people tonight too. Oh, I weighed in for the month at 150.4#, sweet!
That’s what I know. I need to get ready for work! Enjoy your day!

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