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No WOD for me.

on September 11, 2013

I decided last night to skip my workout today. My quads are so sore and I knew that today’s workout would not help that situation any. It was nice to sleep in a bit and NOT feel guilty about it. 🙂

Hubby went to the workout though and called me on the way to work. He said it was tough which only reaffirms how glad I am I skipped it. Tomorrow I’ll be ready to go!

I’m still weighing myself every day. This morning was 150.4# which I think is excellent!

Today I’m working on laundry and I have errands to run before I work at Weight Watchers. Then I have a teeth cleaning at 2pm and I work at the library at 5pm. Busy day, but that’s good.

Tomorrow I work 8:45-1 and then at WW in the evening. I’m working on only working every other Thursday night, but until my boss gets a replacement I’ll be working every one. That reminds me to send him another email about it.

Friday is my day off and I’m thinking of heading to Aldi to stock up on some things. That night L is going to her first middle school dance. She has to be there by 5:15 and picked up at 8. Once they are there they can’t leave. I’m hoping she has a good time. It’s not that she’s much of a dancer, but it’s important to hang out with friends too.

That’s it from me, enjoy the day.


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