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Rippin’ it up!

on September 12, 2013

Good Thursday morning! I knew the workout today was going to be tough and I was right!

Wednesday night/Thursday morning
Warm up
50 jumping jacks (hands clap at top and touch behind back at bottom)
10 Lateral Lunges with stretch (each side)
1 length inchworm with push up…

Skill- rope Climb, 5 ascents – I DID IT! I climbed the rope 2 times to the top! I even tore up one palm and have a blister on the other. I need to work on getting down from the rope. 🙂 Or wear gloves.

A- Farmer Carry, 10 Min work up to AHAP – We started with 40#, then 80# and then 100#
B- 7-6-5-4-3-2-1-2-3-4-5-6-7
Bear Complex 65/45 – I used the 45# bar and went to the 35# bar at about 4 on the way back up to 7.
Burpee Box Jump
Squat jump Pull ups

I finished in 27:03! It was a long hard workout. I almost wanted to give up at one point, but I pushed through.
ripped up hand The hand doesn’t look awful, but believe me, getting shampoo and soap in it this morning was killer! I have to bandage it up before I head to work at the library.
I work this morning, head to the farmer’s market after and then work at Weight Watchers tonight. I’ve sent a 2nd email to my boss saying I will not work every Thursday anymore and that he needs to find someone to cover Portage’s meeting. My kids just need me and I need to be there for them. Homework is more difficult this year and I want to help out my family!
That’s it from me. Enjoy your day!

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