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Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes…wait…just shoulders!

on September 18, 2013

 This morning’s workout was shoulder heavy for sure. I was feeling it pretty bad for a bit there.

Warm Up
1 Lap
High Knees
Butt Kickers
Piraformis walk
Lateral Bearwalk
Lunge with Elbow touch floor
Burpee Broad jump

Skill- DU’s 5 min – I actually did 3 double unders in a row! I got a few more singles in there too. I hope we do this again tomorrow.

A- Snatch
5×5 on 90sec, AHAP – We went with the 45″ bar, it’s hard!
B- Clean
3×5 3×3 3×1
70 80 90% 55#, 60#, 65#
C- Jerk
3×5 3×3 3×1
70 80 90% 55#, 60#, 65#

I worked yesterday morning and then packed my lunch to eat before my Endocrinologist followup. Basically, I’m going to stay on this pill for 3 more months and see if the bitchiness eases a bit. If not I’m going to call and get a new pill to try out. Joy. She wants to see me in a year to redo some bloodwork.
I then went back to work from 5-8:30 and around 7:45 I hit the wall! There were no kids in the library and I had to force myself to walk around and shelf read. I was tired. I slept great and woke up with a sore throat on one side. Lovely. It seems all the hacking L has been doing and the kids at the library may have caught up with me.
Today it’s laundry at home, work Weight Watchers, run and errand or two and then home before I work tonight at the library. I hope tomorrow’s workout is fun so I don’t decide to just sleep in!
That’s it in my world! Enjoy yours.

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