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on September 23, 2013

 Happy Monday! I’m glad the week is here. Not that the weekend wasn’t good, I’m just all for routine for the kids.

I worked Saturday until 2pm and then came home and made beef stew. It took a few hours and was delciious! I made a double recipe right off the bat so we’d have leftovers during the week.

Sunday morning I made bread and mini donuts. After lunch hubby suggested we go kayaking, so that’s how we celebrated the first day of Fall.

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This morning’s workout was a little different.
Darko posted:
Just to note this week our Strength portions will be on a 2 minute clock, we’re using higher %’s, utilize the rest and also don’t be afraid to do a few “warm up reps” as you load your bars. Lets acquire some Fitness athletes!

Warm up
Jog 800M…
50 Ball Slams – we took a 10# medicine ball and slammed it into the ground! Awesome stress reliever! LOL

Skill- OH Squat with 2 second pause, 3×12 – we used a PVC pipe for this skill.

A- Push Press on 2 minute clock
3×5 3×3 3×1
75% 85% 95% – Since we were upping our weights, I did the first 5 with the 45# bar and then added 10# for the next 2 sets of 5. For the 3×3 I did 65# and for the 3×1 and I did my max at 75# and it was hard to do! I want to challenge myself this week for sure.
B- 21-15-9
OH Squats 75/45 – I’d usually use the 35# bar, but again, I’m challenging myself and I did the 45# and it was tough. I had to put the bar down a couple of times.
Pull Ups – jump pull ups for me, from a box.

5:12 was my time
After the workout I did some jumproping and was trying to do some double unders. I did get 3 in a row again. It’s an awesome feeling.
Today I work from 1-5 and L has piano. Hubby is taking her this week which I only think is fair! 😛
My week ahead isn’t too exciting!
  • Monday – FF, work
  • Tuesday – FF, work
  • Wednesday – FF, Weight Watchers, work
  • Thursday – FF, work, Weight Watchers
  • Friday – FF, early release from school
  • Saturday – ?
  • Sunday –  Out for my birthday, massage?

That’s it from me, enjoy your day!


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