My life as a woman, wife and mother.


on September 26, 2013

 Since I worked last night until 8:30 and didn’t get to sleep until around 9:30am, the alarm at 4am came too soon. I’m a bit sleepy, but I’ll get through the day and get to bed early tonight.

Warm up
Roll legs and shoulders, 5 minutes
Jump Pull Ups
Air Squat
Push up

A- Deadlift 2 minute clock
3×5 3×3 3×1
75% 85% 95% – I did 115#, 130# and then 145#, that was tough!
B- 20min AMRAP
20cal row
20 Wallball 20/14 – I used the 10# wall ball
20 Front Squat 65/45
20 Mtn Climbers

I completed 3 rounds and almost 4, but I didn’t get in the last set of front squats. Truthfully, I didn’t want to do them anyway! LOL
I work today until 1pm and then it’s off to the farmer’s market. I’m looking for squash and apples and anything else that peaks my interest. Tonight I work at Weight Watchers too, but I should be home by 7:30pm and can get to sleep early.
Enjoy your day!

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