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Happy Birthday to Me!

on September 30, 2013

 We really celebrated my birthday on Sunday. We went to a movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Good movie, but the first one was much better. After that we went out for lunch. I of course got a reuben and fries! I did give 1/2 the reuben to L to try and she loved it! I also split my fries with the whole family since I was the only one who had any. I was saving room for carrot cake! I love that stuff. The piece we got was for 2 people. Honestly, it was for 6! The four of us ate it, well, about 1/2 and took the rest home. It was expensive after all. After supper the girls and I divided up the rest. Hubby was out.

eating cake


I got to open my gifts too. I got some weight lifting gloves, body wash, chapstick, intense hand cream (which is a must for fall/winter) and a neck warmer. Love!
I brought in birthday muffins to Fitness Foundry this morning. Sadly, my buddy who shares a birthday with me is going to tonight’s class.
This week the Strength portion is at lower %’s so practice form and speed through the movements.
Warm up
20 Cal row
Side lunge with stretch
Push up into Up Dog
Roll back into sit up, (Start by sitting then roll feet back, touch ground behind you roll forward into sit up)

Skill- Bubka

A) Push Press, 90 sec clock
3×5 3×5 3×5
40% 50% 60%, 30#, 35#, 45#

B- 6 Rounds
10 Turkish get ups KB (alternating hands)
10 KB Snatch (Alternating hands)
10 Single Arm KB Clean and Press

I used a 10# weight and this required a lot of concentration and remembering to do the moves correctly. I was done in 17:55.
Today I work from 1-5 and L has piano at 6:15, I plan to walk tonight while she’s in there. I’m going to walk and read on the treadmill this morning so I can get my book done.
Enjoy your day!

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