My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Oh, the pain….

on October 2, 2013

Happy Hump Day! Well, the scale is not cooperating yet, 152.8#, so I won’t be weighing in today. Next week it is!

This morning’s workout was eh. My left shoulder is sore, my rhomboid is just sore and painful. I did my best today, but did modify a bit.

Warm up
20 Cal row
Side lunge with stretch
Push up into UpDog
Roll back into sit up,  – this was particularly painful on my back, so I did not roll as far back as I did on Monday morning

Skill- Handstand walk – thankfully this did not hurt my back AND I was able to move along the wall a bit and my feet weren’t always touching! Progress!

A- Jerk 90sec clock
3×5 3×5 3×5
40% 50% 60%  This was a no go, too much pain. Instead I used a 20# kettlebell in my right hand and did a one arm snatch. Tom said that one workout with only one arm was fine. It was definitely a different feeling than using a bar.

B- 4 rounds –
Sprint 400M
25 Push Ups
rest 1 min
I think this took me 15 minutes or so, I didn’t write my time down.
I’m hoping tomorrow’s workout does NOT involve overhead weights.
As the kids are getting into higher grades in school they are having so much more homework to do. L has pre-algebra that taxes my brain! C has to write a paragraph about a book she read, cursive sheets and 20 minutes of reading at night. L has to practice piano and band. They are still expected to do their chores around the house each day. Most nights bedtime comes very quickly! Tonight I work at the library until 8:30pm so I won’t see them much. I told them if they need my help with homework, they have 30 minutes for it to happen before I leave.
This morning is laundry, grocery shopping and working at Weight Watchers. I’ll have to bring my cooler along so my refrigerated groceries have somewhere to hang out for 2 hours. Sometimes I use the fridge in the church, but today I’ll have to many ‘cool’ items to haul around.
That’s it from me, enjoy your day!

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