My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Day of rest for me!

on October 13, 2013

Happy Sunday! I was up at 4:15am, so I just went with it.

Yesterday I had met up with some girlsfriends of mine. We walked the River Walk in Baraboo and then walked downtown for the Art Faire on the Square.

SueCheryl AngieSue Cheryl Angie

My lunch was homemade tomato soup and a homemade black bean burger.

tomato soup

lunch afterlunch before









Last night L had her friends over. We picked them up at 3pm and went swimming at the pool. Then we picked up food from Kwik Trip and came home. They played outside and did nails and stayed up way too late! 🙂 I wonder how long they’ll sleep this morning.

Here’s my food from yesterday. Again, if you see it twice I ate it twice.

003 (1024x768) 002 (1024x768) 001 (1024x768) yogurt 015 (798x1024) 014 (768x1024) 013 (1024x768)


002 (855x1024)014 (768x1024)Not pictured is 2 bites of pizza from the kids’ supper and small bowl of cookie dough ice cream. Yum!


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