My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Oh, happy day!

on October 23, 2013

 It’s Hump Day people! 🙂 The kiddos are off school Thursday & Friday which will be nice. It’ll give them a little break since they’ve been doing so well in school. We had conferences for L last night. She’s doing great! Yeah, she could participate more, but she’s getting there. Sadly, both girls are coughing and L woke me up at 11:30 last night for some cough medicine. Then at 3:30am I heard her coughing again and gave her some Vicks for her neck and chest. This morning L had to be to school by 7:15 for Student Council so I headed to Walmart to get some more medicine, with a bit different ingredients. I’m hoping by when she goes back to school on Monday things will be all cleared up.

5 suicides
then Arm/Leg Swings

Skill- OH Squat…

A- Deadlift
3×5 3×3 3×1
75 85 95% – 120#, 135#, 150#
B- 21-15-9
Row Calories
Thruster 85/65 – I used the 45# bar only, these are tough!
Ring Dip – I used the band like most people did.

Total time was 11:28 or so.
Today I work WW over lunch and then the library tonight. I also work tomorrow night at the library, I switched shifts with a co-worker which actually works out well. I have to get some things done for L’s birthday party and we can work on those during the day.
Friday I don’t work and I have to bake her cake. The party starts around 3pm and we are having dinner here before we go to the Haunted Hay Ride. For dinner she choose hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls to look like mummys, tater tots, corn & sunchips. Dessert is angel food cake with cool whip and vanilla ice cream with some chocolate topping that hardens. The hayride starts at 6:30pm until 9:30 so we don’t have to be there at a specific time. I think she also wants to pick up a movie to watch that night when they get home. Her other idea is having hot cocoa. She saw an idea where you melt chocolate chips and put them into an ice cube tray and add mini marshmallows on top. Then you put that cube into your cocoa, she thinks that’s genius! 🙂
Saturday morning I work from 8:45-2pm at the library. That means hubby is in charge of the girls until they get picked up at 10:30. Then on Saturday night L and a couple of friends are going rollerskating in town. I’m hoping I can convince hubby to go with me and hang out while they skate.
Sunday looks like a day at home. The pool doesn’t have open swim until 6pm and I prefer to be home at that time on a Sunday.
Monday will be interesting. I took off work since I have to go with hubby to St. Mary’s hospital in Madison for some tests. One is a stress test and the other is a TEE, where they will put a camera down his esophagus to look at his heart. I’m hoping they don’t tell us he needs to get his valve fixed. I don’t know if I can deal with that. Anyway, fingers crossed we get good news.
That’s what I know, enjoy your day!

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