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Out for dinner…

on October 31, 2013

Yesterday I got some great prices on meat at Walmart. Woohoo for cheap! LOL Then I worked at Weight Watchers and headed out early to get to the library for training. Of course the training that was supposed to be done at 4pm was done at 5:30pm! Thankfully then we could just drive to the restaurant for dinner. My dinner was eh….dry shrimp but a good baked potato. Whatever, it was free so I can’t complain too much.

100 Jumping Jacks
3 Laps
Frog Jumps…
Bear Walk
Burpee broad Jump
Gorilla Walk

Skill- Bubka into pyke into Lever if possible – Attempted one and it hurt my ab muscle, so no go!

A- Hang Snatch, 10 Min practice
B- Clean 90sec
5×5 5×5 5×5
40 50 60% – I was all sorts of screwed up on this and when I was supposed to be lifting 60% I was doing 100%, whatever, that only means I’m stronger now! LOL
C- 4 rounds
25 AbMat
25 KB Swings – 30# KB for me
25 Double Unders – I had to do 75 singles

I finished in just under 13 minutes! If I could master double unders I would have been done quicker. Hubby ordered me a rope today and some arm shields so I don’t get whip marks. I plan to practice in the garage.

I work at the library today until 1pm and then it’s the last Farmer’s Market so I’m hoping the apple guy will be there even though it’s raining today. I’m also wearing my Twister costume and I’m going to get some pictures at work today to post later on.

Tonight the girls will trick-or-treat even if it’s raining. They have been looking forward to it for a while now.

Happy Halloween and enjoy your day!


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