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Happy (day after) Halloween!

on November 1, 2013

001 (768x1024)

This was me at work yesterday. I think I looked like Twister Nurse since I had the spinner on my headband! LOL It was fun to dress up and hand out Halloween pencils to kids.

Around 6pm we finally made it out Trick or Treating. C had homework (that could have been done Wednesday) and she had to get it done before I’d take them out. Thankfully she pulled through and got it done. Hopefully next week she won’t wait until the last day to do her writing assignment.

We picked up L’s two friends and took them with us. Both of their parents were at work and the girls wouldn’t have been able to go. The four of them had a great time and got enough candy in that one hour they were out. A few houses gave them a bunch since they didn’t get a lot of visitors because of the drizzle/rain. They were already scheming about next year on the ride home! LOL

I got to bed at a pretty decent time, but I did not want to wake up for the workout this morning. I knew I would and I muddled through the morning routine before I headed to the gym.

Warm Up
Lateral Lunge with Stretch
Hollow rocks…
Jump Pull Ups
Invisible Grace

Skill- Jumping parkour style over box

A- Front Squat
3×5 3×5 3×5 90sec clock
B- 10 rounds
10 toes to bar
1 rope climb
10 squat jumps (touch a target 6″ above your reach)

So, since I’m dealing with an ‘injury’ I did modify a few things today. I didn’t do toes to bar, but I hung by the rings and engaged my shoulder muscles 10 times instead. I tried to climb that damn rope, but didn’t do it, instead I did the 3 lower downs to the ground and back up again moves. Jump squats are bad at all in my opinion. Tom told me to heat my muscle so I have the corn pad on it as I’m online this morning. It’s just so frustrating to have pain. I know mine is minor too, but just enough to interfere.

I have a hair trim today and then I have to get L from school to get her shot for school. C is coming home this time though, she’d rather have access to her things than be stuck waiting at the clinic. L has to be to school at 5:15 tonight for the Halloween Dance. I’m hoping her girlfriend’s mother can do pickup duty this time around.

Tomorrow is a library program and then not much else to do. Sounds great to me! LOL


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