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TGIF! My arms are so sore!

on November 8, 2013

Seriously, yesterday’s workout kicked my arms all over the place! It’s nice to feel some soreness again and thank goodness for heating pads! LOL

 Friday morning
Warm up
Row 25 cal
3×10 …
Pvc thruster
Lunge w twist
Push up

Mobility- Roll legs

A- Front Squat – we paired up and had to complete 100 squats in 8:30 with 65# of weight. I was the last one finishing up my final 10, but it didn’t bother me. 🙂
B- Deadlift
3×5. 3×5. 3×3
65. 75. 85% 100#, 120#, 130# – I was also working on form a bit more.
C- Row 750m x2 rest in between so you can go all out on both rows. – We paired up with our partner again.

Hubby was off work today so we went to Aldi so stock up a bit on food and then came home for lunch. The girls have early release today and they are going to get a haircut that they both desperately need! I’ll take pics if I remember. 🙂


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