My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Did they say snow?

on November 11, 2013

This weekend was good. Shopping, swimming (for the girls), homework, reading and relaxing. Nice! This morning it was sorta tough to wake up even though I was up early both mornings this weekend.

Monday morning
Warm up BBJ 5 laps then Junk yard dog x5…
Mobility- Hip flexor stretch
Workout A- Eccentric weighted Push ups, 3×10 – I did them with a 25# weight on my back. After about 18 of them my ab muscle was strained again! ugg..
B- 8 Min Amrap
10 Wallball – 10# ball
3 Deadhang pull ups  – I did ring rows
then rest 1 min
8 minute amrap
8 Wallball- 10# ball
3 Pull ups (these can be kip or jump) – I did ring rows
I got 10 rounds the first workout and 11 the second time around.
My upcoming week….
Monday – FF, walk & read, work 1-5, piano for L
Tuesday – FF, take L to school early for FFA meeting, walk & read, work 1-4:15, p/u C from Lego Club
Wednesday – FF, work Weight Watchers and weigh-in for the month, work 5-8:30
Thursday – FF, work 9-1
Friday – FF, walk & read, help at Sock Hop

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