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Getting there…

on November 19, 2013
Yesterday I was home with a semi-sick kid so I rested. I iced my leg and elevated it most of the day. Thankfully this morning it feels loads better! Not 100% but closer. That being said I took it a bit easier at the gym today too.
Warm up
Row 35 cal  – I rowed today without legs, it was a lot tougher that way!
then Arm/ Leg swings…
Skill-  Bergener Snatch, weighted – I only used the 15# bar
A- Front Squat
3×5  3×3  3×1
75% 85% 95%  – I did kettlebell good mornings with 35# weights
B- For time
Row 300m
20 Push Press 135/95 – No way in the world I could do 95# so I did 45# and that was tough for me.
15 Push Press
10 Push Press
5 Push Press
I finished in 12:42. Not too shabby.
I’m going to rest today too, meaning no walking and reading for me. I’ve already iced my knee and need to pop some ibuprofen yet. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be to 95%!
Last night L had her 6th grade band and choir concert. I didn’t get any great photos, but here are two of the band.
band with Good
6th grade band
Let’s just say they were awesome! They’ve only been playing their instruments since August and are already doing so well. The choir was great too! Such lovely voices for 6th graders!
After the concert L’s band instructor came over to say he had a flute that just came up for sale. We had L try it out and it sounded great. We were talking about it on the way out to the van and I could tell it played better and she said it was much smoother and easier to play than her rental. I sent along a check today for her to purchase it. It was $250 which is less than we’d pay for 1 year of a rental and I know she’ll continue to play for many years.
I still haven’t been on my scale at home. I’ll get on tomorrow at Weight Watchers. I have no clue what it will say. I just hope it’s down from that super high number from last week. 😛
Enjoy the sunshine! I know I will from the couch! LOL

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