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Balls, that was hard!

on November 22, 2013
Happy Friday! When I pulled out of the driveway this morning to head to the gym I saw snow! Yikes! Apparently I blocked out ever hearing we were going to get some. At least it’s only on the grass and not accumulating on the roads.
Today’s workout was killer!
Warm up
OH squat
Push up
Jump Pull Up
then Sampson stretch
Skill- Shoulder Rolls
A- Deadlift
3×5   3×3   3×1
75     85     95
3 Over bar Burpee
7 SDHP  85/65
9 Power Clean 85/65
18 minute max
Part B of the workout was a joke! I started with a 45# bar since I can not sumo deadlift highpull very much weight. Anyway, We were supposed to do 3 burpees (jumping over the bar each time), then 7 sumo highpulls, then 9 power cleans IN ONE MINUTE! I was still doing them at 1:10! So, then Tom said to go down to 2-6-8, still not done in time. I ended up doing 1-4-6 for the rest of the rounds. Yeah, 18 minutes of this. My arms and upper shoulders were trashed!
No gym tomorrow, just an at home workout and a DOR on Sunday. Next week the gym is only open Monday-Wednesday so I’ll be doing a lot of at home workouts next week. The following week we are having a MAX week. That means we are going to find out if the maximum amount of weight we can lift on each move has improved. I know I can clean more weight, but I’m unsure about the push press. I guess I’ll find out in 2 weeks how it’ll go.
This morning I’m headed to the middle school to count money for the Band & Choir fundraiser. Then I need to stop at the library to get some books for L to choose from. After school my friend’s daughter is coming over for a bit and after that is relaxation for me! Saturday I work at the library until 2pm and then who knows what will happen. Maybe I’ll take the girls swimming on Sunday afternoon.
That’s what I know. TGIF!

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