My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Happy (day after) Thanksgiving!

on November 29, 2013

Good evening. Yesterday was Thanksgiving and in the past I’ve done very poorly with my eating. This year I had a plan and I actually followed through with it! LOL

I exercised at home in the morning. We had lunch at my SIL’s and the food was great! I did NOT stuff myself and went for a 35 minute walk with my uncle-in-law BEFORE I had dessert. When we got back from our walk I waited another 45 minutes before I had 1/2 a slice of her pumpkin pie with cool whip (I did sneak one bite of L’s pecan pie, it was wayyy too sweet and I LOVE sweet!). We came home and I had a salad for supper to try to make up for some of the excess calories from lunch.

Today I exercised in the morning. We then went to the Dells to watch Frozen. Great movie! I was smiling, laughing and teary-eyed throughout the movie. Wonderful! Then it was off to lunch at Subway. I opted for the chopped chicken breast salad. I brought along my own dressing and bag of cheesy Weight Watchers chips. Supper was sensible, pork chops and sweet potato fries. Then I went into my bedroom to read, but decided I wasn’t active enough today so I grabbed my new book and headed down to walk and read for 35 minutes.

I feel very good about the past 2 days and here’s hoping I can keep it up through the rest of the weekend! LOL

Still to come is the girls are going swimming and we are getting out our Christmas tree and décor. That along with the girls getting their schoolwork done.


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