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I’m up 10 pounds!!!!!!

on December 2, 2013

SH!T, REALLY? Yep, I can now lift 10# more on my push press! Woohoo! 😛

This week is MAX week at the gym. The last time we did it was in August, so I’m excited to see how much I’ve improved since then.

Warm up
30 cal row…
Pvc Thruster
jump pull up
mobility- Shoulder Mob

A- Push Press 22 min clock, rest about 2 min between sets
3@ 70%
1@ 80%
1@new max attempt
1@ new max attempt
1@new attempt – My new MAX is 85#, I tried for the 90# a couple of times but couldn’t get it.
B- 400 Mountain Climbers

My weight is still up too. Yeah, I busted out the scale again since I started a new challenge. Today was 154.6#. Whatever.

Take it easy!


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