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Today I am up 5#!

on December 3, 2013
Happy Tuesday! It’s always tough at the gym when I’m sweating after the WARMUP! 😛
Warm up
3 laps
Burpee Broad jump
Bear walk
High knees
Piriformis walk
Mobility- Squat Stretch
A- Clean 22 min clock, rest about 2 min between sets reps
3@ 70%
1@ 80%
1@new max attempt
1@ new max attempt
1@new attempt
Push ups
Air Squats
Box Jump
Pull ups
Today’s MAX was the clean. My old MAX was 75#, today I got to 80#, I tried 85# several times, but just couldn’t get it. Who would think 5# makes such a huge difference, but it does.
My day today is very similar to yesterday. I worked out. I’ll walk and read in a bit and then I work from 1-5. C has Lego Club after school so she gets dropped off at the library when she’s done. It’s nice to have her there, plus she gets her reading done while she’s waiting until 5pm to come.
Last night L has piano lessons. She’s come a long way since she started in the Spring. While she was there I ran to Walgreens for a few items they had on sale. I like getting errands out of the way. I debated on doing Walmart shopping this morning, but I’m going to wait until tomorrow. L has to be to school by 7:15 tomorrow so I’ll head to Walmart after I drop her off. We’ll just have to survive with what we have until then.
I entered a challenge called the Skinny Snowman Challenge. It’s hosted by a blogger and we have to award ourselves points each day for certain things….water intake…exercise….logging food….etc. The other way to earn points is to loss or maintain your weight each week which is why I busted out the scale again. I was 154.4# before the gym and 155# after. Truthfully, I’m OKAY with that. It used to bother me a lot to be over goal, etc., but I’m finding a lot of peace with it. I guess if WW isn’t happy about it then I’ll just have to quit or be fired for being over goal. Seriously, there are a lot of people working for them who can NOT be at goal, but they have their job. We’ll see what happens. I weigh in tomorrow and next Wednesday and I’ll take the lower of the two weights, but there is no way I’ll see 152# by then and I’m good with that. 🙂

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