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I keep gaining….10# up today!

on December 4, 2013
I got on my home scale this morning, up a bit again. Whatever. I weigh in at WW and I’ll be up from last week. I’ll weigh in again next week and take the better of the two for my monthly weigh in.
Warm up
30 cal row
& 3×15.
Pvc Thruster
jump pull up
Skill- Agility Drills
A- Jerk 22 min clock, rest about 2 min between sets reps
3@ 70%
1@ 80%
1@new max attempt
1@ new max attempt
1@new attempt
B- 12 min Amrap
Row 250m
10 Burpees
Today’s workout was good. I don’t mind doing the jerk at all. I improved from 85# to 95#, not too shabby. I tried for the 100# but it wasn’t happening. I have a feeling tomorrow will be deadlifts. I’m hoping to get over my 155# max on that move.
Workout B was a partner workout. Mary and I were a team. I started with the 10 burpees while she rowed, then when she was done rowing we swapped. I think we got 5 rounds done, but everyone else says 6. 🙂
I took L to school early for her meeting and C wanted a ride too. We had to wait in the van for about 25 minutes so I brought a book to read. Then I went to Walmart shopping. About a bazillion dollars later I was home, only to find that she didn’t bag my last 2 items. One of which I wanted when I got back home which is why I realized it was gone. Anyway, I called and now I have to stop back in before WW and get the items, hoping they don’t reshelf them in the meantime. Seriously?
I work tonight and the library and then again tomorrow morning and then I’m done til Monday. I’ve been very busy there lately and I’m hoping for that tonight and tomorrow too.
That’s what I know. Enjoy the day!

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