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Oh Fran, how you make my lungs burn!

on December 9, 2013
This week at Crossfit is Benchmark Week! That means we do this awful, I mean wonderful workouts that are tough! Sometimes they are referred too as the “Dirty Girls”!
Warm Up
Invisible Fran
Then Arm n Leg Swings
Skill- Handstand/Handstand walk 10 min
Thruster 95/65  – I did 55#
Pull Ups
2 groups so we can cheer each other on
After the workout Hubby and I did a 500M row.
Today’s workout was tough! My lungs, chest and throat were on fire. Everyone was complaining about that after they were done. I still have a strange tickle/rattle going on. It’s almost like I ran a mile while being completely out of shape! LOL
This past weekend we got a few things accomplished. Saturday I took a day of rest. The girls went to the library program and then we went to the bead store to get some things for Christmas presents. I watched Harry Potter – the 2nd movie – in the afternoon and took it pretty easy.
Sunday I worked out at home and then hubby and I went shopping in town for 3 hours! We got some Christmas shopping done, grocery shopping, filled a propane tank, etc. I didn’t think we’d be gone all morning, but we were. Around lunch time the girls and I started to bake cookies. The 3 cookies were spritz (C’s choice), snickerdoodles (L’s choice) and gingersnaps (my choice). We got about 46 spritz, 30 snickerdoodles and 26 gingersnaps. I halved my recipe since I didn’t want that many cookies around. Yep, I did have some…I had 2 spritz, 2 snickerdoodles (one was dinky with leftover dough) and 1 gingersnap. There is a container in the freezer for Christmas day and a container for us for later. I did leave some of each in the cupboard for the girls to take to lunch and snack on. This coming Sunday we are making Peanut Butter Blossoms and dough ornaments, then I think all of our holiday baking will be done.
making spritz

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