My life as a woman, wife and mother.

The week before Christmas…

on December 16, 2013
Good Monday  morning! I did nothing yesterday…well I take that back, I did bake peanut butter blossoms and watch a lot of TV. LOL I even restrained myself and only had one cookie after supper. Stellar!
Warm up
30 cal row
then 3×10…
Air Squat
Push Ups
Skill- Kip Pull up
A- Push Press on 2min
3×5   3×5   3×5
65%  75%  85% – I lifted 55#, 65# and then 70#. It’s nice to have a new MAX to work off of.
4 Rounds
Row 600m
20 Push Ups
rest 90sec – we partnered up and alternated. It was a long workout today, 75 minutes!
On tap for today is to run/jog/walk and watch Top Chef. I find that I really miss running/jogging and watching Top Chef makes the 50 minutes go by pretty quickly. I work from 1-5 and then it’s home to relax with the family.
  • Tuesday – FF, treadmill if time, I have to be to school at 9:30 for award ceremony for C. She doesn’t know she’s getting something special! 🙂 After I hope to run to Walmart quick to get things for C’s party on Friday. Then I work from 1-5, no Lego Club for C this week.
  • Wednesday – FF, treadmill, work WW at 10:45am and weigh-in, stop at store if I didn’t on Tuesday, work at library from 5-8:30
  • Thursday – FF?, work 8:45-1, work WW 4:45-7pm
  • Friday – FF, treadmill, bake cupcakes for C’s party, early release from school – pick up the girls for the sleepover, stop at Papa Murphy’s for mini pizzas and Family Video for a movie
  • Saturday – workout at home?, work the library 8:45-2pm, hubby takes care of the girls until they get picked up in the morning
  • Sunday – workout at home, Christmas at in-laws house at noon – before I have to make the creamed corn and make the cranberries on Saturday night. I may also take a small pan of gingerbread cake.
  • Monday – FF, C’s 9th birthday!, work 8:45-1 and then 5-8:30 (people are off for Christmas so two of us are covering shifts)
  • Tuesday – FF, movie with the family, make dill dip for Christmas, get veggies cut up
  • Wednesday – workout at home, Hubby’s birthday!, Christmas at other family’s home at 11am
  • Thursday – FF, work 8:45-1

I’m happy this year that my MIL decided to split up Christmas. While she still wants us to come over on Christmas Day it’s unlikely that we will since we’ll have been there most of the day on Sunday. 😛


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