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Bustin’ it out!

on December 17, 2013
Happy Tuesday! I got up to a lovely snow and by the time I left the gym it had stopped, thank goodness! LOL
Warm up
5 rounds
50 jump ropes
10 Jump Pull ups
… then Bergener Clean
Skill- Kip pull on rings – I actually can do the leg swing on this move, but I don’t have enough strength to get into a pull up. I felt good about it though. 🙂
A- Hang Clean N Jerk
work up to AHAP,
on the min 6×3 – I did 55# on this
B- Clean Pull from ground
6×2 AHAP on min – again 55# on this
C- 20 min AMRAP
10 wallballs
5 Burpees
10 box jumps
5 Ring pull ups
I got 10 rounds done with 10 wallballs, it was tough and I was sweaty afterwards. I can’t say that about every workout.
This week Brandy (a WW co-worker) and I have a challenge going. We are both over goal, she has a problem with wine and I have a problem with cereal. This week we both gave those up. I feel good and I may actually see a loss tomorrow at weigh-in. 🙂
This morning I’m not going to jog & watch TV. I think I ‘may’ walk tonight after supper instead. If not, so be it.
I’m off soon to see C’s awards at school and then I hope to get to Walmart and have enough time to eat lunch at home before I work at 1pm. I can do it, I love to power-walk through the store while others stroll along. 🙂

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