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My forearms are shot!

on December 18, 2013
Today’s workout was tough, AGAIN! This week has been great as far as workouts go! 🙂
Warm up
Row 30cal
Then 3×10…
Jump pull up
Air squat
Skill- handstand/walk – I’m so much better at walking on my hands!
A- Snatch, use a weight where you can maintain form
10 rounds
5 snatch deadlift
5 Snatch pull from hang
5 hang snatch
5 OH squat
I used 35# on this and it was hard! My forearms are just shot from the wide grip on the bar for 10 rounds! Crazy!
B- 50-40-30-20-10
Double unders
This is the same workout I did on Saturday that paralyzed my abs for 3 days! I’ll be feeling this tomorrow! I did finish in under 10 minutes though! Even with doubling the jumpropes.
On tap for today….
walk/jog & watch finale of Top Chef
Stop at Dollar Tree and Divine Savior to register L for babysitting class
Work Weight Watchers and weigh-in
Home until 5pm and then work at library
I’m hoping for a loss this week since I’ve been ‘extremely’ good this week. Typically I use all my 49 extra WPA, this week I have 30 left and it’s my last day of the week. Awesome!

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