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The workout that wasn’t!

on December 19, 2013

Sometimes I take Thursday as a day of rest. Well, when I say this morning’s workout I thought that sleeping in was THE best idea ever! LOL The workout was filled with torturous front squats (my least favorite lift) and then, get this…..DEATH BY BURPEES! Yeah, I don’t even want to know what that is! LOL So, I may or may not walk on the treadmill after work this afternoon.

In other news, I weighed in at Weight Watchers yesterday. I was down to 152.8#, that’s down 2.4# in 2 weeks and .8# from being back in goal range. Awesome! I will be weighing in on Thursday next week, yep, the day after Christmas. It should help keep me in check since I really want to see 152# on the scale that afternoon.

Supposedly we are going to get some freezing rain and snow tonight and into tomorrow morning. I’m hoping it misses us and that school is not cancelled. It will make it more difficult to get the girls here for the birthday party. I’m going to pick up the Mini Murph’s tonight after the WW meeting so I won’t have to venture to that side of town tomorrow if the weather is bad.

On Tuesday C got an award at school for her hard work in math and the teacher said she was very close to testing out of multiplication. Well, that day she did it! She’s now the only kid in her class to be working on division. So proud of her and she was so proud of herself too! She’s come a long way in math.

That’s all I know. Until tomorrow..


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