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The train to nowhere…

on December 30, 2013
Happy Monday! These holidays are screwing me up! Thankfully the kids return to school on Thursday so I can get back into my routine of life.
Warm up 3×10
side lunge with stretch
Jump pull ups
Squat Jumps
PVC thruster
Skill- Bubka
A- Front Squat
3×3  3×3  3×3 90sec clock
70    80    90%
B- For Time
100 DU’s
5 T2B
80  DU
10 T2B
60 DU
15 T2B
40 DU
20 T2B
20  DU
25 T2B
Today’s workout was pretty good. My front squat increased to 110# during MAX week so 90% was 100# and pretty tough to complete.
No one today could do DU so we did double the amount of single jump ropes. I still can’t do toes -2-bar, but I did knees to chest. It was hard because I kept losing my hand strength to grip the bar.
On the way home, we were stopped by the train lights. Yeah, about 35 minutes later they had them fixed and we were able to come home. It took a cop and finally a railroad guy to come and fix the bars.
I’m going to walk/jog soon and then the girls are headed to their friends house for the day. I work this afternoon and then it’s home to relax some more. I’m great at relaxing! LOL

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