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So many things to do….

First of all, Happy Friday! 🙂
Last night at Weight Watchers was pretty slow. I don’t know if the snow kept people home or what, but we did have 2 rejoiners.
I was able to get to bed by 8:30pm last night and I woke up 2 minutes before my alarm was going to go off. 🙂
Warm up 3 laps
lateral Bear walk.
Leap Frog
mobility- Roll out/ mash Legs
A- Front Squat 3×3  3×3  3×3
70    80    90%
B- 15 min AMRAP
7 Chin ups
7 Parrallette Dips lap
OH lunges
The warm up was fine, be didn’t do leap frog just frog jumps.
My front squat was 80#, 90#, 100#, tough!
I got 8 rounds done of the AMRAP. 7 jump chin ups, 7 parrallette dips, and OH lunges with a 25# weight.
Soon I’m going to run on the treadmill and watch Top Chef.
I have errands galore this morning. I have to pick up Papa Murphy’s pizza for the girls tonight and they dont’ open until 11am so I’m going to get my other errands done before that. Other things I should accomplish today or tomorrow….
  • Laundry – specifically,  my winter jacket
  • Bake bread
  • Make homemade granola bars
  • clean up the house!
  • shovel the snow

Hopefully I can get some of that done!

Enjoy your Friday!

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No chauffeur today…

Last night I worked until 8:30 and when I got home hubby was asleep. I saw he had his work things out so I assumed he was working today and not going to the gym, I was right. I miss having my ride in the morning!
Warm up
Musical Bear walk
then Bergener Drill …
Skill- Parallette L sit
A- Hang Snatch on 90 sec
5x5x4x4x3x3x3x3 work up to AHAP
B- 4 rounds, 1 minute on each station, count total reps
KB Swings American
Box Jump 24/18
WallBall  20/14
Instead of Musical Bear, we did burpees to Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas. Every time they said Boom we did a burpee. They say it a lot! LOL
I’m improving on my parallete sit too. I can hold it a bit longer.
Snatch is always hard, I did get to 45# and left it at that.
My final rounds were 356. I did 35# KB and used the 14# wall ball, which sucked compared to the 10#!
So, Jean, I AM back on track. I got my crossfit done and I have my food planned out for today. I work soon and WILL walk this afternoon on the treadmill. Who knows, I may even jog depending on if I read or watch a DVD.
Enjoy your Friday Eve!
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Crappy attitude.

Good evening. I’m posting from work, sue me. 😛

Let’s see. I slept in, skipped the gym, ate like crap, gained .8# this week at weigh in (I thought it would be worse), came home, ate, napped, came to work, ate….

That was today…


I’ll go to the gym, eat a great breakfast, work, eat a great lunch, walk -n- watch DVDs, pack a great supper, work at Weight Watchers, come home and sleep!

Sounds like a plan.

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Will the cold ever end?

Happy Tuesday! Let’s hope it’s the last day of this frigid weather. Yesterday the library closed at 6pm instead of 8:30pm and today we are closing at 5pm.
Yesterday at the gym is was only hubby and myself, this morning we had one more person show up. 🙂
Warm up
Musical Bear walk
Then Bergener drill
Skill- Kip Pull up
A- Push Press on 90sec
3×3   3×3  3×3
70     80    90%   – I did 60#, 70#, 80#
B- 2 Rounds
50 Wallballs
150 DU’s  – 300 singles
25 Burpees
I got done in just over 12 minutes.
After breakfast I walked and read, Eleanor & Park, good book so far.
I work from 1-5pm today and then it’s home on the couch under a heating pad for me. 🙂
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Ohhhhhh MONDAY!

Below is what the trainer posted for today’s workout!
Ohhhhhhhh MONDAY MONDAY  MONDAY!!!!!!!  This one is more of a Friday night kind of workout… Two chicks at the same time, Grace and Jackie!!! Don’t get too excited though… they are dirty girls
Warm up 3 Laps
Lateral Bearwalk
Leap Frog
Skill- False grip and Muscle up practice
A- Back Squat on 90sec
7×5 work up to AHAP
B- 30 Clean N Jerk 135/95
1000m Row
45 Thrusters  45/35
30 Pull Ups
This morning it was just hubby and I that showed up! We only did 2 laps of the warmup and the false grip practice wasn’t too awful.
For the back squat I ended with 60# as my max. I think I could have done more weight, but didn’t push it.
Workout B was a tad harder. I did 55# for the Clean N Jerk and 35# for the thrusters. I did jump pull-ups too.
Since it was only hubby and I we hung around a bit and did some abmats and talked to Tom our trainer a bit.
After we got home and I ate breakfast I walked and read for an hour on the treadmill. I finished A Wrinkle In Time, the same book C is reading so we can talk about it. It’s odd. 🙂
I work from 1-5 and I’m going to get some chili in the crockpot soon so supper will be done.
  • Monday – FF, walk n read, work, L has piano, no school
  • Tuesday – FF, walk n read, work, no school
  • Wednesday – FF, work WW, work library
  • Thursday – FF, work library, walk?, work WW
  • Friday – FF, relax! 🙂
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Good afternoon! This weekend has flown by!

Saturday I exercised at home before work. I did some elliptical and some intervals on the treadmill. I worked from 8:45-2pm and it was busy! All sorts of craziness going on at the public library! LOL After work I went to Walmart, EVEN MORE CRAZIES were there. Yeah, what do I expect at 2:15 on a Saturday. I managed to get in and out pretty quickly though.

I got home and C’s friend Taylor was over already. For supper we ordered Pizza Hut for them and used the Book It! coupons from school. Hubby and I ate fish since the kids won’t eat it any more. Then hubby and the two younger girls and I went to the pool while L waited for her friends to pick her up to go rollerskating. The evening was pretty uneventful.

Sunday morning I got up and just walked and read for 45 minutes on the treadmill. I had a feeling I’d need my energy for tomorrow’s workout at the gym. (I was right, I saw what’s posted for tomorrow! ugg..) Then once the girls were up I asked if they’d like breakfast and Taylor declined. Shortly after that C told me that Taylor wasn’t feeling well. I called her mom and she came to get here, she looked pretty pathetic, she said she had a headache and stomachache.

So why is it quiet? Well, hubby is at the roller rink with the girls and their friends. I got to stay home! Alone! It’s been a long time coming. 🙂 I did get some things done today. I prepped supper for tonight, I baked English Muffin bread, I made jellos and got some laundry done.

Now I’m going to enjoy the next 2 hours of silence! 🙂

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Working on a Friday…

I have to head into work soon. I’m covering a shift for a coworker. I’ve never worked on a Friday before so it should be interesting for me.
Last night I worked at WW and then Cheryl, Brandy and I went out for dinner. It was great to sit and chat with them both!
I made it to the workout too!
Warm Up
Funnel Tag
then Bergener (cln n jerk)…
Skill- Handstand hold, tabata, 10 rounds
A- Clean and Jerk Complex go through sequence as many times in 12 minutes
– Clean Deadlift
– Squat Clean
– Front Squat
– Push Press
– Jerk
B- 21-18-15-12-9-6-3
Ring Dips
Pull Ups
We convinced Tom the trainer to NOT do funnel tag. Instead we had to throw a 10# ball against the wall and catch it 50 times. Then we had to overhead throw the ball at the wall 25 times and finally we played ‘catch’ with our partner for a few minutes and if your partner couldn’t catch your throw you did 5 air squats. My hubby had to do about 15 of them! 🙂
The tabata handstands were tough, the last two rounds were killing my arms, but I made it through.
The final workout wasn’t awful. I use a band to help with the ring dips and I do jump pull-ups. I was the first one done, but I definitely had the advantage. So while others were still going I did more abmats.
I work tomorrow too and at some point I’m taking the girls and their friends to the rollerskating rink this weekend.
That’s what I know, enjoy your day!
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Day of rest…

Good morning! Yesterday I weighed in at 154#, that’s up 1.6# from last week. No biggie.

I decided to sleep in a bit this morning and take a day off. I’ve been working pretty hard lately and just felt the need to rest. I’ll get plenty of movement at work today. I’m unshelving books, scanning them in and then reshelving them. Busy. I also work WW tonight which gets me a bit of movement too. So I won’t be laying on my couch all day! LOL

Tonight is dinner out with my friends/co-workers. I’m looking forward to chatting with them both!

Enjoy your Thursday. Tomorrow I’ll be back in the gym!

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Heavenly sleep…

Last night I slept great! I woke up 1 minute before my alarm clock was going to go off, so I got up and ready for the workout.
Warm up Funnel Tag
then Bergener…
Skill- DU’s 5 min
A Snatch Complex- Use a weight that’s somewhat challenging and able to maintain good form and position. Go through sequence as many times as possible in 12 minutes –
Snatch grip Deadlift
-Pull from Hang
-Hang Snatch
-Snatch Balance
-OH squat
B- Partner workout 2 rounds
Row 1000m
AMRAP Double Unders (while one person rows 1000m, the other performs DU’s, then switch. Perform that twice. Post time and total DU’s.
Instead of funnel tag our trainer put us through a series of squat and lunge warmups. We practiced double unders, but I still can’t get them. The Snatch Complex was sort of fun. I went light, 25# because the snatch balance is a new move with the bar overhead and I didn’t want to kill myself. Tracy said my form was wonderful and didn’t want me to overdo it with the weight. Workout B was hubby and myself. We finished in just over 12 minutes and had 1,806 single jumps.
I decided to not walk-n-read today, my legs are pretty wore out from the workout. I figure I’ll be moving around at WW and then at the library tonight. I don’t know what to expect this week at weigh-in. I’m thinking I’ll be up a bit because I’ve used a few more points towards cereal and nuts this week and my arms/shoulders/neck muscles are pretty sore which always means I could be holding on to a bit more fluid. Instead of weighing myself at home I just use the tape measure sometimes to measure my stomach. Generally it’s 31″-32″, it lets me know if I’m bloated or not by taking this measurement. I also notice how my rings fit and how my fingers look. Today they are a tad puffy.
Enjoy your Hump Day!
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Pumpin’ Iron!

I’m tired this morning! I went to the gym because I knew it was mostly weights today.
Warm up 3×10
Back Ext on GHD
Hollow rocks
Skill- Kip Pull ups
A- Push Press on 2 minute
3×5   3×5   3×5
65     75     85%
B- Back Squat 7×5, on 90sec
C- Bench Press 7×3 on 90sec
The warmup was good. We got to use one of the new machines for the Glute-Hamstring-Developer. It really works the glutes!
Practicing Kips was good too, I still can’t do them, but I’m getting further.
Push Press was 55#, 65#, 70#
I back squatted a max of 70# because it’s a new move still and I want my form down before I go too heavy.
My bench press was just 55#, hubby was doing 125# or something ridiculous like that!
I’m going to run/jog on the treadmill and watch Top Chef in a bit.
I work today and tonight L has a FFA meeting where they are going to bake dog treats for the animal shelter in town.
That’s what I know. Enjoy the sunshine!
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